Sunday, September 7, 2008

Plug It In Plug It In . . .

One of the disadvantages of living in an apartment that was built before the time of Christ is that it is not equipped to handle all of today's amenities.

For example, I have a light switch in the entry hall that doesn't turn anything on.  That really bothers me because sometimes it's dark when I get home and I don't want to have to fumble through the apartment to find the lamp.

Here's another good one.  My apartment has no electrical outlet in the bathroom!  Seriously!  No outlet in the bathroom.  That's crazy!

The kitchen has only two outlets and they are not located in a spot that is conducive for plugging in a toaster or a blender or a George Foreman Grill.  I figured it would be OK because I saw that there was an outlet built into the stove top.

After I moved in I discovered that the outlets in the stove don't work.  This was pretty tragic.

After church on Sunday morning I headed off to Target, which is 20 miles outside of the city.  (I could go on for days about how much I wish there was a Target closer, but I digress.)

As I slowly strolled through the aisles I came to the "As Seen On TV" end cap.  There it was!  My saviour!    The Billy Mays Handy Switch!  

"Are you fed up with trying to find a light switch in a dark room?" 

I am I am!  

The Handy Switch is a wireless light switch that lets you control any lamp from anywhere!  Just plug the lamp into the remote receiver and peel and stick the switch where ever you want!  This is my dream come true.

I couldn't wait to get home and test out my Handy Switch.   

I plugged in my lamp.  Walked over to the front door.  Peeled off the double stick tape. Pressed the Handy Switch onto the wall.  Flipped the light switch on and had light!  This was awesome.

With my new found light switch confidence I decided to now explore the non functioning electrical outlets on the stove top.  

I got out my flashlight and squeezed myself along the wall to try and see behind the oven.  WHAT!!!!  The oven wasn't even plugged in!  No wonder the outlets didn't work.  There was just one small problem. There is no outlet on that side of the kitchen to plug the oven into.

I could make this work.  

I got out an extension cord and ran it along the baseboard to the other side of the kitchen.  Now it was time to test the newly plugged in oven.  

I got the toaster out and plugged it into the stove top.  It worked!  

This may not be all that exciting to my loyal readers, but let me just tell you this is going to revolutionize my toast making skills. 



  1. You didn't say whether you bought fuses or not.

  2. You've lived there how long and now just realized the stove isn't plugged in? You are killing me!!!
    I sure am glad I got you that Easy Bake Oven that you had to send back!!

  3. a very funny blog, indeed!! i laughed all the way through it, except that i had to have my hand covering my mouth, because i was also afraid there was going to be an explosion. amazing that billy mays, hate him, love his products. he has a product for everything. what next wonderment shall you attack? does billy have an outlet for your bathroom?
    love mom

  4. OMG!!! You are too funny!! that is why I LUV YOU!! I'm glad that I am not the only one getting excited over things such as the light switch that was god sent. I do have to agree that I'm a bit perplexed that you just realized that the stove was not plugged in. How in the world did you boil water in that kettle of yours...with a magic wand?? :) I now so can't wait to see this lovely apartment of your and all of its amenities!!! i heart u my friend!!

  5. look at you, quite handy nowadays. i'm impressed. good ol' billy mays.