Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Just An Adult Happy Meal . . .

Multiple people over the last several days have sent me direct messages about McDonalds introducing a limited edition adult Happy Meal called the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box.  

This version of the Happy Meal comes with your choice of a Big Mac or 10 piece Chicken McNuggets, a small fries, a drink, and of course an updated twist on the nostalgic McDonalds characters in the form of a plastic toy all contained in the slightly larger but still recognizable cardboard box with the golden arch interlocking handle.

It was after the second person sent me a message I began to think; "What does it say about me and my eating habits that people have reached out about this new Happy Meal?"

When I shared this rhetorical question I had been having with myself with my friend she kindly pointed out, "Hello, you are the President and Founder of the Chub Club.  The people have expectations.  You must deliver!"  

She was right, for years I have been hash tagging photos #ChubClub, #ChubClubApproved, #IDontKnowWhyImFat, #IKnowWhyIAmFat.  I had proclaimed myself to be the President of the Chub Club.  (The origin story of the Chub Club is a tale for another day.)  And I do pride myself on my knowledge of fast food restaurant dessert options.

All these people who wanted to make sure I was aware of the new adult Happy Meal didn't realize, I have never stopped buying Happy Meals.   I mean it's not a common occurrence, but I did just buy one a month ago.  

So yesterday, October 3, 2022, McDonalds officially added the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box to its menu.   I had no intention of running out to get one.  All these people texting me about this limited time offer Happy Meal know nothing about me.  Or do they?

So yeah,  I lasted one day.   What if they run out?  It's only available for a limited time.  Sure they said it would be available till October 30, 2022; but lest we forget that corporate fast food chains have an inability to accurately forecast the demand for their product.   

Remember when Popeyes introduced their new chicken sandwich and it was sold out every day by lunchtime?   Or how about when Taco Bell reintroduced the Mexican Pizza and then sold so many they had to pull it from the menu again for several months.  

So on day two of the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box being on the menu I had convinced myself that I needed to rush to McDonalds to secure one for myself before they were gone. 

When I pulled into the McDonalds drive thru the line up of cars was longer than I had ever seen.  (Absolutely exaggerating here for dramatic effect.) 

OMG! I bet EVERYONE in this line is buying an adult Happy Meal!  Again my brain went for full on dramatics.  I can guarantee I was probably the only one buying an adult Happy Meal.

Anyway, I went for the Big Mac with a Sweet Tea option.

I was hoping for the Grimace toy but I got my second choice "Cactus Buddy" (a new character created for this limited time offer.)

So for the people...
The ones with expectations...
The ones who wanted me to deliver...

I present the unboxing of my Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box!

After lunch, when I was coming to from my McDonalds Big Mac food coma I discovered that Cactus Plant Flea Market had a web site that is selling..."For A Limited Time Only"...McDonalds inspired clothing!

Did I buy anything?

Am I the President of the Chub Club?

The answer to both questions...YES!