Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mirror . . .

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the one who didn't think through this plan at all?

Just Jon!

My new place means new furniture and over the holidays I spied the Chunky Wood Floor Mirror from West Elm and began obsessing over this dark brown grain beauty.  And thanks to the US Postal Service who asked what catalogs I would like to receive at my new address I was also the owner of a "Welcome To The Neighborhood" 10% off coupon for West Elm.  

Cha Ching!

I took the drive over the Bay Bridge more than once to visit this mirror and by the third trip I knew that I had to have it.  I also knew that there was slim to no chance this mirror would fit in my car.

That is when I started to plot out how I would get the mirror from the East Bay to The City.


Since I was saving 10% on the Mirror I could put that savings toward the rental of this Cargo Van for $19.95!

And all was good.

All was good until I got behind the wheel of the Cargo Van and realized I had never driven a vehicle this big before and I was going to have to take it through San Francisco over the Bay Bridge into a parking structure and back.

No, worries!  I'll just drive this van around the block a couple times till I get used to how it handles.

(I never got used to it.)

Now Loyal Readers, I have handled many a floor mirror by myself while working all those years in retail.  I was quite confident that with the dolly I rented from Uhaul I would have no problem getting the mirror from the Van to my home.  That is until I saw that it took TWO West Elm employees to wheel the mirror out of the stockroom to my van.


"I hope you have someone who can help you with this on the other end," one of the West Elm employees said to me.  

"Uh, not exactly," I replied.

"Maybe you can knock on a neighbor's door and see if they will help you, " he suggested.

"Sure," I said not very confidently.

And off I went with the mirror in the back of the van over the bridge while starting to sweat thinking about the task ahead.

That was when divine intervention happened.

When I was at the Uhaul center picking up the van there were tons of undocumented day laborers begging for work.  I could drive past the Uhaul center on the way home and hire someone to help me.  (Insert angels singing here!)

After about a minute of internal moral debate about my non-existent political career being over if it ever leaked out that I hired an illegal immigrant to do work for me I rolled down the window and said, "One," to the crowd of gentlemen on the corner.

My new hero "Jacob" quickly assessed the situation and my espanol skills.  He determined that I was best in the role of supervisor and should not assist in moving the mirror at all.

After we got the mirror into my unit; Jacob and I headed back to the Uhaul center to return him and the van.  I handed Jacob a $20 for a task that took all of seven minutes to complete.  I am pretty sure we are best friends now and are going to hang out next weekend on the corner.

In hindsight I maybe should have kept Jacob around a little longer.  

When I got back to my place I started to unpack the mirror.  The box was like Fort Knox.  There was boxes within boxes within Styrofoam within wood planks.  I finally reached the mirror and could barely lift it up off the floor.  I could have really used Jacob's help about now.

After A LOT of struggling with the mirror I finally got it positioned against a wall where I was pleased.

And as for all that money I saved with my 10% off coupon; well by the time I paid for the van, the bridge toll, the gas to return the van with a full tank, the .99 a mile I didn't realize was being charged on top of the $19.99 rental fee, and my day laborer; I saved nothing!

But the mirror looks good!

The Song Of The Day - Texas In The Mirror by Michelle Branch

Heartburn . . .

One of the things my body has blessed me with since entering my thirties is acid reflux and heartburn.   Thanks self you rock!

I was in Walgreens the other day looking at medications to help the aforementioned afflictions when I noticed on the box for Prilosec OTC there was a list of tips for managing heartburn.

That is so helpful I thought to myself.   Let's see here . . .

1.  Do Not Lie Flat Or Bend Over After Eating.   

OK, so that is really going to hamper my TV time.  I lie flat on the couch eating while watching TV.

2.  Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Clothing Around The Stomach. pants are tight because I decided to lay down on the couch, eat, and watch TV rather than go to the gym, duh!

3.  Do Not Eat Before Bedtime.

Define bedtime please.

4.  Raise The Head Of Your Bed.

Like a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed?  Because I sleep on my stomach and those never looked like they would be comfortable for me.

5.  Avoid Heartburn Causing Foods Such As Rich Spicy, Fatty, Or Fried Foods, Chocolate, Caffeine, Alcohol, And Certain Fruits And Vegetables.

So this pretty much wipes out everything when the list contains both bad and good for you foods.  And we know I am not giving up chocolate.

6.  Eat Slowly And Avoid Big Meals.

I could handle this one.

7.  If Overweight, Lose Weight.

Please see my response to #1.

8.  Quit Smoking.

I am good with that one too.

After reviewing the list I saw the price of Prilosec OTC and opted for a bottle of Tums instead.

Take that heartburn!

The Song Of The Day - Heartburn by Alicia Keys

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Final Question Answer Revealed . . .

Just Jon gave up Desserts for his Lenten Sacrifice.

He "found the loop hole" by looking up the word "Dessert" in the dictionary!

Great job to Erin, Megan, Dad, Joanne, Mom, Mary, and Jamie who all got the question right!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Contest Day 5 - The Final Question!

Yes Loyal Reader Jamie; "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"!  You along with Shamoli and Erin answered Question #4 correctly.

I went to see The Little Mermaid (with Shamoli so I was really hoping she would know the answer to this one!)

Interesting factoid - My 17 second YouTube clip from The Little Mermaid Ballet has been watched over 1,200 times (and the clip is not even that good!)

The Final Question for the contest:

In 2010 what did Just Jon give up for Lent?  For an extra point - How did he justify breaking his Lenten sacrifice?

Good luck with the final question!   

It's been a fun week engaging with you all!

The drawing for the Just Jon Apron 2011 will be on Monday!

Contest Day 4 . . .

Manacatti was the misspelled word that when "Googled" the number one search option was Just Jon.

Congratulations to Shamoli, Erin, Mom, and Jamie who all answered the question correctly.

One Loyal Reader said, "all i remember is that it started with an M and had an A and an I"  ... pretty good whomever you are!

On to Question # 4

Just Jon went to see what for his 16th and 36th birthday?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Contest Day 3 . . .

Congratulations Loyal Reader Megan who was the only person to answer Question #2 correctly!

Just Jon's Coca-Cola bank had 13,897 pennies!

Miss Megan, you now have an additional entry into the drawing for the Just Jon Apron 2011!

Question # 2 may be closed but there are still three more questions to go, so if you haven't been able to answer a contest question yet, you still have a chance to win!

Question #3

In 2009, when you "Googled" this misspelled word; Just Jon was the #1 search result.

(I will accept both the correct and incorrect spelling of the word.)

Good Luck Loyal Readers!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Contest Day 2 . . .

This was "Burberry Coat Girl" back in 2008!

Congratulations to the following Loyal Readers who answered the question correctly:

Shamoli and Megan!

Congratulations to the following Loyal Readers who were very close in their answer so are getting a point as well:

Dad and Erin!

And my favorite guess...but totally wrong...yet so true for the 30x:

"Oblivious iPhone Girl"

Thanks Jen for that one.  I may be using it in the future!

Question #1 is now closed.

Question #2

How many pennies were in Just Jon's Coca-Cola bank?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Contest . . .


The Just Jon Junk 2011 product line is finally ready to be unveiled and it is available for purchase at the Just Jon Junk 2011 store located in the left sidebar of this page.

This year I have added some new and exciting products to the standard Just Jon Java Jug and Just Jon Junk Magnet.

In addition to these classics you can now . . .

  • Stay clean in the kitchen by wearing the Just Jon Apron 
  • Be warm on a cold day in a Long Sleeve Just Jon Graphic T or
  • Help save the planet by using a Just Jon Tote

But I figured what better way to celebrate the new collection than to give something away!

For the first time ever Just Jon will be holding a contest!

Over the next several days I will be posting trivia questions about past blog posts.

If you feel you know the answer to the question, leave the answer in the comment section for that question.  (Anonymous users please include your name with your answer.)  Each correct entry will be entered into a drawing.

(Answers to each question will only be accepted until the next question is posted. During the contest COMMENTS WILL NOT PUBLISH AUTOMATICALLY.  I will publish comments after that question is closed for answers.)

But that’s not all!  You can also get one entry into the drawing if you sign up to Follow Just Jon through Google Friend Connect under the Just Jon’s Loyal Readers section in the left sidebar on this page.

Are you on Facebook?  You can get one entry into the drawing if you add Just Jon to your “Likes” on Facebook.

“But Just Jon, what if I already am a “Loyal Reader” and I “Like” you on Facebook?” 

No problem, you can get one entry into the drawing for clicking on the “Discussions” Tab on the Facebook Just Jon Fan Page and answer the question, “What is your favorite Just Jon Post?"

The drawing will be held Monday Jan 17, 2011 and the winner’s name will be posted on the blog!

“Hey Just Jon, what is the prize?”

I am so glad you asked!  One lucky Loyal Reader will receive the brand new Just Jon Apron 2011!

So Loyal Readers, are your thinking caps on?  Are you ready to have some fun over the next few days?

Question #1

In 2008, what was the nickname I gave to a fellow bus rider who “steps in front of everyone who has been waiting in the cold for 30 minutes and pushes her way on the bus.”?

The Song Of The Day - No Contest by Delays (not available on iTunes)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unravel . . .

Week 1 - I tried to get crafty.

This is the basket I bought to hold my laundry.  It did not come with the lining seen above.  I bought fabric from Ikea and figured I could come up with some sort of lining on my own.  Easier said than done.

The fabric had unfinished edges so I knew I would need to fold the fabric in and tack it down.  My yard of fabric was proving to be too much of a time suck to hem by hand.  Also, I could not sew a straight line for the life of me.

Week 2 - I pulled out the big guns.

I went to Michaels to get more thread.  While there I also picked up the handheld Singer Stitch Sew Quick machine.  This might just be what the doctor ordered.

The Stitch Sew Quick definitely improved the quality of my craftsmanship.

The final product is what you see above.

For a first attempt I am pleased.  Upon final inspection there are a couple areas that may need to be touched up but I will wait till it starts to fall apart before I try and fix it now.  Knowing me if I try and fix it now I will make it worse.  (I shot the video before I found the "problem" area, so the video makes the project seem like it was flawless.  Trust me it was not seamless...get it seamless!  Ha ha!)

And once again, I am sideways in the video.   Someday I will figure out how to film right side up.

The Song Of The Day - Black & White by Sarah McLachlan

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Toast . . .

New neighborhood means new restaurants to try.

First to be reviewed is Just For You in the Dogpatch.

Three words:  Cinnamon Raisin Toast.

Just For You makes their own amazing Cinnamon Raisin bread and it was worth the trip for this side dish alone.

My eggs were cooked perfectly and the bacon was quite tasty.

It's obvious that this small restaurant is good when you see the length of the "sign yourself up" waiting list at the front door and the crowd standing next to it.

A tip for getting seated faster is being open to sharing a large communal table with another group.

I look forward to going back to Just For You!

The Song Of The Day - Superwoman by Karyn White

Friday, January 7, 2011

Itsy Bitsy . . .

OK...I am going to preface this blog post by saying that I know that this might be the most narcissistic thing I have done on the blog to date...but SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I don't care I am so excited about this!

I would like to thank my blog buddy Annah of for writing a fairly simple tutorial on how to add a Favicon to your web site address.  (*WARNING* Annah's site discusses adult topics that may not be suitable for all readers.)  Thanks to Annah's post I was able add my face to my web address!

I think this just might be better than the coffee mugs you can buy in the Just Jon Junk Store with my face on them!

The Song Of The Day - Itsy Bitsy Spider by Little Richard

Monday, January 3, 2011

Perfect . . .

Jobs that would suck if you are a Perfectionist.

Execute the window display for the Spring Collection at CB2.  This window will align with current online marketing strategy and product assortment.

Implementation will involve perfectly lining up individual Post-it notes in alternating colors on an entire wall.

Degree of difficulty - Medium.

Hours to complete - (for the Perfectionist - this job will never be complete or good enough.)

The Song Of The Day - Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let It Will Be . . .

Hail Madonna,
full of controversy.
The crowd is with thee.
Greatest art thou among performers,
and greatest is thy song of thee 80s - Holiday.
Holy Voguer,
Mother of Lourdes.
Sing for us fans,
now and at the hour the clubs call last dance.


The Song Of The Day - Let It Will Be by Madonna 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

All The Wild Horses . . .

Last week I took my parents to see the show Cavalia in San Francisco for Christmas.

Cavalia is a traveling show from one of the creators of Cirque du Soleil.

If you have seen any of the Cirque du Soleil shows you will recognize the familiar acrobatics, aerialists, music and singing.  What makes this show spectacular is that there is the added element of horses!

The are times in the show where the horses run free with no trainer or rider.  It is pretty cool.

My favorite part of the show is pictured above.  One female trainer and her eight horses.

With simple hand gestures and calls the trainer directs the horses into formation.

The reason this was my favorite part of the show was because there was this one grey horse that I came to the conclusion was the youngest "performer."  He always seemed to be just out of step with the other horses.  And I thought to myself; that would totally be me if I was in this group.  Just a little off step and in my own world.

If Cavalia comes to a city near you it is worth the ticket price of admission.

The Song Of The Day - All The Wild Horses by Ray LaMontagne