Saturday, August 28, 2010

Same Old Thing . . .

"Nameless" and I wore the same shirt to work on Friday.

"Nameless" agreed to have his photo taken for the blog ( you know, the one he refuses to read. )

We were practically identical twins eh! Just like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1988 movie Twins.

(Chances are highly likely I am going to get the middle finger salute again on Monday for posting this.)

The Song Of The Day - Same Old Thing by The Streets

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot In Herre . . .

Way to go San Francisco! You went three whole days with temperatures above 75 degrees and no fog.

On day two of the mini heat wave you broke 82 degrees and everyone cheered!

"Yeah for summer!" was the common message on Twitter and Facebook.

When nightfall came it became clear that getting a good nights sleep was going to be virtually impossible since most of the City's housing does not have air conditioning.

Day three of the "heat wave" broke 90 degrees. Twitter and Facebook were now filled with tweets about make shift air conditioning ( a bowl of ice in front of a fan) and wishes for the fog to come back.

I had to dig my Mystic oscillating fan out of the back of the closet. Old "Mysti" became my new best friend.

One couple from a nearby apartment complex opted to take their air mattress up to the roof of their building in an attempt to get some sleep under the night sky.

Here we San Franciscans had been begging and praying for Summer to come, and three days into it we were complaining! How did I ever manage to live for 19 years in the San Fernando Valley?

Have no fear Loyal Readers! By day four of the mini heat wave, the afternoon sun gave way to grey fog rolling in off the Pacific Ocean. By 7 PM I needed a sweater. By 8 PM I had to close the window.

Summer San Francisco style had returned!

The Song Of The Day - Hot In Herre by Tiga

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Trick . . .

There are some things in life you can accuse me of.

For example, in high school, the one thing that I could talk non-stop about was Debbie Gibson. (See the above photo for validation that all those hours reading Bop and Tiger Beat magazines were not a waste of time.)

In my twenties, the one thing that I could talk about for hours was work! (I can still talk for hours. . . and hours. . . and hours. . . about work!)

And now for the last two years I have been accused of only being able to talk about one thing; this blog.

Recently, it occurred to me when Susie Cakes was handing me free cupcakes because I told them I had blogged about their store, that maybe I should have business cards made for the blog.

I figured if I am going to promote someones business, it might as well be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Translation - Read my blog if I am going to talk about your cupcakes.

When the box of business cards arrived I was quite excited that they turned out just as I had hoped. The next day I took the business cards in to work to show them to my co-workers.

One co-worker, who shall remain "Nameless," was completely unimpressed with my new business cards. Instead of humoring me by taking the business card I handed him, he gave it back and said "No thanks!"

That was just cold!

Well, karma reared its ugly head last night when "Nameless" left work for the evening. One of my co-workers passed by Nameless' cube and said, "Nameless forgot to log off his computer before he left tonight."

Another co-worker chimed in, "We should change his computer settings! We can make his default web page Jon's blog!"

Now, I will admit I stood by and watched as this trickery took place. I will also admit that I was not very convincing when I briefly said that maybe we shouldn't do this to his computer. And I will admit there was a little piece of me that was giddy like a school girl at the thought of what Nameless' reaction would be when he saw that my blog was his default homepage.

So this morning when I got to work; Nameless greeted me with a middle finger salute! Just what I had hoped for!

"I am #1," I said!

The Song Of The Day - One-Trick Pony by Nelly Furtado

Monday, August 23, 2010

Got Me Burnin' Got Me Burnin' . . .

For all the times I have complained about how cold this summer has been in San Francisco -

For all the times I asked Mr. Sunshine to return to the sky -

Today he listened and actually showed up!

Can I get an AMEN for 80 degrees in San Francisco!

After your busy day of toasting our pale skin and instantly making us forget about grey skies and melancholy blues; it was time to for you to set just beyond the Golden Gate.

I am looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

The Song Of The Day - Burnin' by Rahsaan Patterson

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recognize You, I Do . . .

There is a "pit in your stomach" feeling that comes when your entire organization is scheduled for an impromptu meeting. Usually the purpose of an impromptu meeting is not to share good news.

So it was a pleasant surprise when we were all summoned together earlier this week and told, "we are kidnapping you all on Thursday and taking you to Malibu Grand Prix to recognize you for all the hard work that has gone into the last year."

So from 11am to 3pm we had free reign over Malibu Grand Prix. From race cars

to mini golf,

to skee ball; it was like being a kid again.

And what better way to end the day than with a big 'ol White Cherry Icee!

Out In The Garden . . .

"Every group needs to grab a hoe!"

That was the first command given at Gap's Annual Day In Action.

This year the Inventory Management team traveled to the Minnie & Lovie Ward Recreation Center in Ocean View to help weed the park's entry flower beds.

When our bus first arrived at the recreation center I looked out the window and thought, "This place looks nice already. What are we going to do?"

Once immersed in the flower beds it was clear the original design of the garden was hidden beneath the large over growth.

The center only has one full time gardener for the entire property which includes baseball fields, soccer fields, a gym and playground. So the work that our team was able to do in just a few short hours was much appreciated.

The center's manager appeared to get choked up as she thanked us for our hard work. She said that most of the time she receives complaints about the weeds and trash and that the community will be so thankful for what we had done.

The entire time we were in the park there was a substantial police presence. A constant circle of police cars, SUV's, motorcycle cops, and undercover detectives. Eventually one of the motorcycle officers stopped by our group. One of my co-workers commented on the continuous police presence. The officer informed us that the day before there had been a homicide down the block from where we were working.


As we boarded the buses to go back to the office everyone was pretty dirty, a little sore, but feeling good about the work we had done.

The Song Of The Day - The Garden by Mirah

Somewhere In The Grey . . .

"Wooster Smoke"

"Moon Doggie"

"Canterbury Cathedral"

"Hammered Pewter"

These are the colors they are choosing from for my apartment complex.

It looks like the graffiti taggers have voted "Moon Doggie" 2 Dank! (Dank is slang for good.)

I personally am voting for "Wooster Smoke." I don't really like the color, but I think the name is funny. I want to be able to say, "I live in Wooster Smoke."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Squeeze . . .

Like many San Franciscans, I live in a studio apartment that was built shortly after the birth of Christ. In fact Jesus' father Joseph may have done some of the carpentry work on the built in kitchen cabinets.

Translation - The place is old.

I think I have mentioned in the blog before, I don't even have a power outlet in my bathroom.

Seriously, how many people do you know who could live without a power outlet in their bathroom?

It's not easy.

All this information brings me to the point of this post.

About a month ago, I was laying on my couch watching TV when all of the sudden I felt something hit my head.

I sat up and looked down at my shirt and saw a chunk of ceiling plaster laying there.

It wasn't exactly the sky falling, but it was my ceiling dropping down on me.

I reported the issue to my landlord and they said they would send someone out to assess the situation and determine how they would make the repairs.

Three weeks later I was called by the repair man to tell me that he was coming on Thursday morning to fix the ceiling.

He left very specific instructions on my answering machine. He said to be sure to move all the furniture out of the way so that he would have access to the ceiling.


Where exactly do you expect me to move the furniture? It's a studio!

Based on my superior packing skills from my days as a distribution analyst where I was able to maximize full cartons of clothing; I have created the most optimal amount of open space for the repair man to complete his work.

This will be very entertaining!

The Song Of The Day - Squeeze Me by Kraak & Smaak

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Begin To Wonder . . .

Embarrassing Moment Number . . .

Oh I have lost count at this point!

Please tell me I am not the only person this has happened to.

The other night I was getting ready for bed when I discovered that the pants I was wearing had a large tear near the back pocket. This tear was big enough to have exposed my chonies.

Immediately my mind went racing through the Seven Stages of Grief:

1. Shock and Disbelief

"What is this? My eyes must be tired and playing tricks on me."

2. Denial

"That is so not a hole."

3. Bargaining.

"God, I totally won't have a cupcake tomorrow if you erase this event from any one's mind who may have seen this hole."

4. Guilt

"This happened because I haven't bought a pair of the new Men's Khakis yet."

5. Anger

"WTF? These pants are not even that old!"

6. Depression

"If I was walking around showing my underwear all day and no one said anything to me; then I just want to close the blinds and never leave this apartment again."

7. Acceptance and Hope

"That hole could have been a lot bigger. I need to just get over it. Did someone say NEW PANTS?"

I have fully convinced myself that the tear happened after I got home and that no one could see my underwear because the jacket I was wearing would have covered the "goods".

So take that Hole In Pants!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Give and Get is Here!

Check out this new feature and benefit from the G. A. P.

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from August 26-29 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy and we'll donate 5% of what you spend to a non-profit."

I can hook you up with your Give and Get Coupon Here!!!!

The Song Of The Day - Give A Little Bit by Supertramp

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just A Day . . .

After a failed attempt to get some work done at the office on Saturday, I decided to take full advantage of the second day in a row with afternoon sunshine. I think it has honestly been two months since the sun has graced us with its presence over this City. So these golden rays and blue skies were a welcome addition to the day!

My adventures included a stroll through the local artisans selling their craft at Justin Herman Plaza. I then crossed the street to the Ferry Building where the Saturday Farmers Market was taking place.

There were lots of fruits, nuts, pickles, honey, and candy to be sampled.

Also, who knew there was such a thing as "organic donuts?" (I was not a fan of the one I tried!)

After my stroll through the Farmers Market I walked back across the Embarcadero to take a closer look at the Vaillancourt Fountain.

I had no idea that you can actually walk through this piece of art!

On the way back to the office to pick up my car, I passed the Bow and Arrow and snapped a few more pictures.

Thanks for stopping by Mr. Sunshine, you are more than welcome to stay for awhile.

The Song Of The Day - Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sidewalk Talk . . .

I don't normally stop to look at what the street vendors at Fisherman's Wharf are peddling.

Most of the vendors are selling cheap "San Francisco" fleece sweatshirts, imported jewelry, or mass produced photos of various sights around the city.

For some reason yesterday I felt compelled to stop at Teresa Mabalatan's booth. Teresa was selling her paintings. Most of these mini-masterpieces are only 2 inches by 2 inches in size.

These photos (which are larger than the actual pieces) don't do justice to the vivid colors and detailed brush strokes on each mini painted canvas.

After talking with Teresa for what seemed like an hour and playing with the arrangement of the paintings I decided I had to have these four pieces.

In what can be a whole separate blog posting, this was also about the time that Dr. Jean Paul came up to the table. He thought that I worked with Teresa because I was so focused on arranging the paintings on the table. He decided he wanted me to come run his non-existent antique furniture gallery somewhere in the city. He felt that I had an honest face and eye for merchandising and I would be the perfect investment for his venture capitalist money.

Really Dr. Jean Paul? It all seems a shade shady to me. Can you please step aside and let me complete my transaction.

I knew Teresa was a true artist when she seemed almost pained to part with her mini-paintings. I had to assure her they were going to a good home.

I know we have several artists in the family so I would love to hear your opinions of the four pieces I chose.

The Song Of The Day - Sidewalk Talk by Jellybean featuring Madonna (not available on iTunes)

Survivor . . .

My friend and co-worker Rainer was recently spotted by a reality television show talent scout and asked to make a submission reel of "Rainer being Rainer."

This incredibly funny video is Rainer's audition tape for Survivor.


The Song Of The Day - Survivor by Destiny's Child

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Like A Cat . . .

My cousin Jacqueline, whom Loyal Readers may remember from earlier blog postings, has launched a new business of cat inspired handmade knit ware. Also known as Cat Hats.

Jacqueline's Cat Hats are now being sold at the boutique P-Kok's three locations in the Haight.

On Friday night there was an Art Walk through the Lower Haight where Jacqueline's Cat Hats were to be worn during P-Kok's Burning Man Fashion Show.

After work I headed to the Haight to show support for my cousin's new business.

I tried on several Cat Hats and opted for a solid black version that matched my outfit.

For more information and pictures of Jacqueline's Cat Hats please visit her website:

The Song Of The Day - Like A Cat by Cyndi Lauper

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Past The Mission . . .

And the "Smooth Move Of The Day" Award goes to Just Jon!

I knew it was bound to happen at some point.

This morning on my way to work I was so engrossed in reading an article on my phone that I missed the transfer point and forgot to get off the bus.

By the time I realized I had missed my stop, it was too late and the bus was already barreling down the street.

I have often complained that some of the bus routes take forever in this City because the buses stop at almost every corner.

Of course, today's bus was not on one of those routes. It was going to be several long blocks before I would have the opportunity to get off the bus and walk back to the stop I needed.

I can't help but laugh at myself when I do stupid things like this.

Now the real embarrassing part of this story is what I was reading when I missed my stop.

I was deeply involved in my Google search for Taylor Jacobson and why she was fired from The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo TV.

What can I say? I have a real sense of what important news is!

The Song Of The Day - Past The Mission by Tori Amos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breakfast At Your Table . . .

There is a sign that hangs from the side of the building on the corner of Columbus Ave and North Point declaring the "World Famous Breakfast" at Pergamino's. Every time I am riding the 30 Bus line and it makes the turn at this corner I look out the window and say to myself, "I need to try that place."

Well, I finally tried Pergamino's.

This quaint yet "aged" establishment offers a self serve coffee bar.

The host may have been a little too friendly for my taste, but he was very passionate about his restaurant.

I ordered the Specialty Omelet - Crab and Tomato. The omelet came with homemade sourdough toast and country potatoes.

I thought the omelet was a little pricey but I have to say it was full of fresh local crab meat. There was nothing imitation about it. The rich crab meat mixed with cheese and tomato made for one decadent omelet!

I also ordered a mocha and it was one of the better mocha's I have ever had.

Bottom line, the prices were little high, but the food was good!

Pergamino's is definitely worth a repeat visit!

The Song Of The Day - Superwoman by Karyn White