Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make It Happen . . .

This post is for my beloved old hood in Southern California.

Just South of where I lived in Ventura CA was McGrath State Beach.  McGrath is one of many State Beaches and Parks scheduled for closure due to budgetary cutbacks.  (At McGrath funding is needed to repair an aging sewage line.)

Well, you can help possibly keep McGrath open by voting in the Coca-Cola Live Positively Favorite Park Contest.   The winning park will receive a grant for up to $100,000!

Now you might be asking yourself, "Why is Just Jon asking us to vote for a Park in Southern California when the Park just down the street from him is also stated for closure?"

Great question Loyal Readers!

The reason I am asking you to vote for McGrath is because it is currently ranked #6 on the Coca-Cola Leader Board and the park by my home is so far from the top there is little chance for it to win.  So I want to throw my support to my friends and family who have enjoyed McGrath State Beach over the years.

Follow the below link to cast your vote for McGrath State Beach:

The Song Of The Day - Make It Happen by Mariah Carey

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Les Petites Choses . . .

Blogger, the site that hosts Just Jon, has a feature called "Blogs Of Note."

"Blogs Of Note" is like the holy grail for bloggers.

If Blogger picks your blog to be the Blog Of Note you can pretty much guarantee the number hits your site receives daily and the number of "Followers" you have are going to skyrocket!

I have often looked at the sites who have been chosen to be the Blog Of Note with a tinge of jealousy at their high traffic numbers.

Then this week I scrolled down my page and saw Just Jon's traffic had surpassed 16,000 hits!

Not to shabby!

So thank you once again for reading Just Jon!

I wanted to bring your attention to an update to the blog.

I updated the list of "Just Some Other Blogs Worth Reading."

This list comprises the web sites I read on a regular basis.  Some sites dropped off my list because they have not been updating for several months.   If those sites become active again they will probably end up back on my list!

New to the list are:

EDIT - a former co-worker of mine who shares her current loves in fashion and lifestyle.

The Style Safari - is also a former co-worker who gives fashion and do it yourself lifestyle tips.

Suri's Burn Book - is a comedic look at life through the eyes of Suri Cruise.  It is pretty snarky so you have been warned.

J-J jr. - in order for me to follow EDIT and Suri's Burn Book I had to join another blog host site called Tumblr.  J-J jr. came with the membership to that host.  It is a simple site that I am going to post sounds, words, and photos that inspire me.  This site has a more modern hip format and will allow me to do some things that I can't do on just-jon.

I also enabled "Mobile Just Jon."  If you are viewing Just Jon from your cell phone, the site will open in a modified format customized for mobile browsers.

Lastly, for those of you who do not speak French, "Les Petites Choses" translates to "The Little Things."

The Song Of The Day - Apprends-Moi by Celine Dion

Sittin' On Top Of The World . . .

Looking North To The City

After nine months of looking at the hill above Candlestick Park I finally confirmed that there is a trail leading to the top.

Here are some pictures from my hike through Bayview Park.

Looking South Toward SFO

My Favorite Shot Of The Day

Heading Down The Hill

The Song Of The Day - Sittin' On Top Of The World by LeAnn Rimes

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Game Is Over . . .

Best use of Post-it's by an office!


As seen in a window on my commute to work.

The Song Of The Day - The Game Is Over by N'Sync

Sunday, August 7, 2011

C'mon Billy . . .

This week I saw the San Francisco production of The Musical Billy Elliot which is playing at the Orpheum Theatre through August 21.

I was a fan of the movie so I was intrigued to see what they would do with the story to turn it into a musical.

The show is about 2 1/2 hours long with one 15 minute intermission.

The show is enjoyable but because of the story line some of the songs are a little slow which makes the show seem a bit long.

Faith Prince as Mrs. Wilkinson, the dance teacher owns the stage and is a pleasure to watch.

Jacob Zelonsky as Michael, the young friend of Billy steals the show any time he is on stage.

I was most impressed with one scene when young Billy dances in sync with "Older Billy".  During this number young Billy is actually flown through the air.  It was a very touching moment in the show.

The curtain call was also the most fun I have ever scene a Company have while taking bows.

If you liked the movie, the Musical does a good job of recreating the story on stage, so be sure to check out the touring company of Billy Elliot if it comes to your City.

Tip - Before purchasing your tickets google the phrase "Coupon Codes For Billy Elliot" and you can fairly easily find a code that will get you tickets at a discounted price.

The Song Of The Day - C'mon Billy by PJ Harvey

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gone . . . (Update)

Back in March of this year I shared with you all that the last Arby's in the City of San Francisco had closed.

Apparently I was not the only person who was upset about this because I was inundated with emails from other fan's of Arby's who were devastated by the closure.  ( Slight exaggeration - I got two emails.)

The first email was from my friend An who let me know that if I would have just "googled" Arby's I would have seen that there was still a location in South San Francisco which was actually closer to were I live than The City location.

This new found information made my eulogy to the closed Arby's seem a little unnecessary.

The second email came from an Anonymous reader who wanted me to know that there was a bar in the Mission District that sells a homemade version of Arby's roast beef sandwich.   According to the Anonymous reader; the Arby's sandwich was a cheap knockoff of an original roast beef sandwich from Massachusetts.

Today, I finally made it across the City in search of The Sycamore, which is a dive bar in the heart of The Mission.  I followed the instructions on their web site that said if you want to order food proceed directly to the bar and place your order with the bartender.

I think I was the only person in the bar who ordered food with a diet Coke.

Ten minutes later an $8.00 carbon copy of Arby's roast beef sandwich was delivered to my table.

I could not believe how close it tastes to Arby's!

If you are in The Mission and jonesing for an Arby's roast beef sandwich be sure to check out The Sycamore.  When you place your order request it with both sauce and mayo for the ultimate non-Arby's Arby's experience!

The Song Of The Day -  Got 'Till It's Gone (Featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell) by Janet Jackson 

Need A Boss . . .

See it before it's gone!

When the Bayview library was torn down last month to make way for a new library a vintage painted advertisement was exposed on the building adjacent to the old library.

The sign for Boss Of The Road Overalls & Workshirts is believed to have been painted in approximately 1921!

According to the Chronicle; because the sign sits on private property the Library has no obligation or authority to preserve it.

So before the new building blocks the sign again; here is a glimpse into the past!

The Song Of The Day - Need A Boss by Shareefa and Ludacris