Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Just An Adult Happy Meal . . .

Multiple people over the last several days have sent me direct messages about McDonalds introducing a limited edition adult Happy Meal called the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box.  

This version of the Happy Meal comes with your choice of a Big Mac or 10 piece Chicken McNuggets, a small fries, a drink, and of course an updated twist on the nostalgic McDonalds characters in the form of a plastic toy all contained in the slightly larger but still recognizable cardboard box with the golden arch interlocking handle.

It was after the second person sent me a message I began to think; "What does it say about me and my eating habits that people have reached out about this new Happy Meal?"

When I shared this rhetorical question I had been having with myself with my friend she kindly pointed out, "Hello, you are the President and Founder of the Chub Club.  The people have expectations.  You must deliver!"  

She was right, for years I have been hash tagging photos #ChubClub, #ChubClubApproved, #IDontKnowWhyImFat, #IKnowWhyIAmFat.  I had proclaimed myself to be the President of the Chub Club.  (The origin story of the Chub Club is a tale for another day.)  And I do pride myself on my knowledge of fast food restaurant dessert options.

All these people who wanted to make sure I was aware of the new adult Happy Meal didn't realize, I have never stopped buying Happy Meals.   I mean it's not a common occurrence, but I did just buy one a month ago.  

So yesterday, October 3, 2022, McDonalds officially added the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box to its menu.   I had no intention of running out to get one.  All these people texting me about this limited time offer Happy Meal know nothing about me.  Or do they?

So yeah,  I lasted one day.   What if they run out?  It's only available for a limited time.  Sure they said it would be available till October 30, 2022; but lest we forget that corporate fast food chains have an inability to accurately forecast the demand for their product.   

Remember when Popeyes introduced their new chicken sandwich and it was sold out every day by lunchtime?   Or how about when Taco Bell reintroduced the Mexican Pizza and then sold so many they had to pull it from the menu again for several months.  

So on day two of the Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box being on the menu I had convinced myself that I needed to rush to McDonalds to secure one for myself before they were gone. 

When I pulled into the McDonalds drive thru the line up of cars was longer than I had ever seen.  (Absolutely exaggerating here for dramatic effect.) 

OMG! I bet EVERYONE in this line is buying an adult Happy Meal!  Again my brain went for full on dramatics.  I can guarantee I was probably the only one buying an adult Happy Meal.

Anyway, I went for the Big Mac with a Sweet Tea option.

I was hoping for the Grimace toy but I got my second choice "Cactus Buddy" (a new character created for this limited time offer.)

So for the people...
The ones with expectations...
The ones who wanted me to deliver...

I present the unboxing of my Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Box!

After lunch, when I was coming to from my McDonalds Big Mac food coma I discovered that Cactus Plant Flea Market had a web site that is selling..."For A Limited Time Only"...McDonalds inspired clothing!

Did I buy anything?

Am I the President of the Chub Club?

The answer to both questions...YES!

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Just 35 Years In The Making . . .

In the fall of 1987 I started what would become a 35 year devotion to then teen pop princess, Debbie Gibson.  

If I am being honest, yes, I had purchased her debut single Only In My Dreams on a 45 record; but initially when her full length album came out, I didn't buy it.   I had placed my money on the other teen pop princess of 1987, Tiffany; whose debut album came out a few weeks after Debbie's.

I remember being at our 8th grade dance and I said something along the lines of "I hope to hear the song Only In My Dreams," to my classmate Lynz, and she said, "Jon, that's Debbie's old song, she has a new song out that is even better called Shake Your Love."  

I think Lynz giving me this new found information about two hit songs on the album was all I needed to convince myself it would be worth my money to go buy Out Of The Blue on cassette tape.

...and THAT was how it all started.   

I bet Lynz would have no recollection of this event or how pivotal it was in shaping so much of my life.

Once I had heard the entirety of Debbie's debut album Out Of The Blue, I was all in.  It started slowly with tearing out a picture here and there from Bop or Big Bopper magazine to hang on my bedroom wall. Then I graduated to full size wall posters. I scoured magazines for any mention of her name.   I recorded her appearances on talk shows.   I took pictures of the TV screen when she appeared on television programs.   I talked non stop to anyone about Debbie.

By the fall of 1988 I was starting my freshman year of high school and soon many of my new classmates were aware of my "obsession" with Debbie Gibson.   I was often referred to as "Debbie Gibson Lover."

Was being called "Debbie Gibson Lover" in high school a cool thing?  

Not really.

I knew it wasn't a cool thing to be known for.  But I also knew that having a nickname did have its advantages.  People at least knew who I was.  I wore my "Debbie Gibson Lover" title like a badge of honor.  In some cases I even doubled down on my fandom. 

Like when Debbie had her 18th birthday party at Ed Debevic's in Beverly Hills, I had to have my birthday party at Ed Debevic's too.

"You are her biggest fan," people would say.  I never felt comfortable claiming the title of "Biggest Fan," but I fully accepted that I was part of the "Debheads" as her fans had become known.

Over the next several years I spent lots of money on cassettes, CDs, posters, calendars and even perfume (that I gave to my Mom for Mother's Day) all in support of Debbie.

I got my parents to take me to see the Electric Youth Tour and later the One Step Ahead Tour.

By 1990, the music scene was shifting to grunge and new jack swing and Debbie was no longer topping the singles charts.  I was still a fan.  I still bought any new music she put out.  By this point in my teenage life I was really an all around music junkie who couldn't wait for the new releases to come out on Tuesday.  I could spend hours in Tower Records walking up and down the aisles.  

Fast forward to 2005.  

Debbie had posed in Playboy Magazine and was releasing a new single called Naked.  She was going to do a mini set followed by a meet and greet with autograph signing at the Tower Records on Sunset Blvd.  My friend Erin, knew I was "Debbie Gibson's Biggest Fan" so she said, "We're going."

I knew I had been supporting Debbie's career for 18 years, but when we pulled up to that event at Tower Records, I saw for the first time that there are "fans" and there are "FANS".  

I had nothing on these other people in line who had suitcases full of memorabilia.   I thought I was going to surprise her and ask her to sign my original 45 record of Only In My Dreams.  As I looked at the other people in line I was sure there were dozens of the same record in their bags.  

All those times people had told me I was Debbie Gibson's biggest fan, right then and there, I saw that my fandom was no where near the same level as some of the other people in line.  Maybe that was where Debbie got the idea for having a tiered fan group.  There are the "Debheads" which I am a part of, and then there are the "Diamond Debheads" who just take everything to the next level.

That day at Tower Records, I did get to meet Debbie.  I also got her to sign my Only In My Dreams record.  We had a brief conversation where she asked if we had met before.   I distinctly remember saying, "I wish, but the only other chance I had to meet you was when my mom was still driving me everywhere and she didn't take me to the mall you were at." Debbie laughed and said, "It's OK, my mom was driving me back then too."  

I remember feeling so comfortable talking and laughing with her that when I looked down I saw I had put my hand on hers and immediately thought, I don't think you're supposed to touch the celebrity at meet and greets.  I quickly pulled my hand back.

When Erin and I left the Tower Records that day I remember thinking, I'm glad I got to meet Debbie as an adult and not as a kid.  I felt like I appreciated it more and was present in a way that I would not have been able to be as a child.

Fast forward to the 2010s.

I am now obsessed with this new app called Instagram.  Posting photos daily, hashtags, likes; I am all over it.  

I don't even remember what I posted but it must have had something to do with Debbie Gibson and I must have tagged her in it.   

Suddenly, in my notification feed there it was.  Debbie Gibson had liked my post.   

I died!  

Then something even better happened.   She followed me!   

My inner 13 year old self was officially the coolest person in the world.  My idol of 25ish years and I were officially IG friends! It was all worth it!  She probably remembered meeting me at Tower Records and that funny story about our moms driving us around.

A few years later, Debbie did what I consider to be one of the most generous things an artist could do for their fans.  She gave her fans the opportunity to buy pages out of her song writing notebooks.  These were the beginnings of songs that never became fully formed and published.  I jumped at the chance to own one of these gems.  I got "Project Songs Unsung" #25 "Breaking Silence."

That brings us to August 2022.

The 35th anniversary of Debbie's debut album, Out Of The Blue.  

To celebrate Debbie did a trio of concerts at 54 Below, a supper club in New York City, where she performed the entire Out Of The Blue album.

Once again Debbie created an opportunity for her devout fans to purchase a unique souvenir to celebrate this milestone anniversary.  Debbie offered personalized hand written lyrics and music for the title track Out Of The Blue to her fans.  What an amazing gift to celebrate this album.  

Thank you Debbie for the countless hours of music you have brought to my life over the past 35 years!  

..."Here's to the minutes that turned into all of these years, Cheers!"

..."Here's to the music that keeps us together, Cheers!"

(Lyrics from the song Cheers on Debbie's forthcoming Holiday 2022 Album.)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just A Last Minute Trip . . .

This past week I took a last minute trip to Kauai.   I had lovely time exploring the Island and more importantly spending a few hours with a dear friend from college.

Here is a slide show from the trip that features the song Forever Summer by Anuhea and Justin Young. I must have heard this song on the car radio six times a day.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just Coasters . . .

Here is the D.I.Y. Project I did this weekend...

The Recycled 3.5 Diskette Coaster.

I am sure everyone has a few of these obsolete data storage disks laying around their house that they no longer use.  How about turning them into a functional conversation piece for your next cocktail party.

This project is very simple.

What you will need:

* 3.5 Diskettes
* Self-Adhesive Natural Cork Liner
* Self-Stick Rubber Pads
* Large Coffee Mug
* Pencil
* Scissors

Step One - Clean 3.5 Diskette of any dust or dirt.

Step Two - Use the Pencil to trace the bottom rim of the Large Coffee Mug onto the Self-Adhesive Natural Cork Liner.

Step Three - Use Scissors to cut the Self-Adhesive Natural Cork Liner in the shape of the Large Coffee Mug you just traced.

Step Four - Peel and firmly stick the Self-Adhesive Natural Cork Liner to the top center of the 3.5 Diskette.

Step Five - Firmly apply 4 Self-Stick Rubber Pads to the bottom four corners of the 3.5 Diskette.

Step Six - Enjoy your new coaster!

Optional Conversation Piece - Leave any labels on the 3.5 Diskette that would indicate what was once stored on the diskette.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just Seven Days Of Oahu . . .

While driving around the Island of Oahu listening to the radio a song came on that sounded familiar; like I should know it.

Try as I may I could not place it.

I pulled out my smart phone and "Shazam"ed the song.

"Paula Cole - Feelin' Love"?

Hmmm, I wouldn't call myself a Paula Cole fan.  That "I Don't Want To Wait" and "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" songs were really over played.

But this "Feelin' Love" song had a nice groove going on.

By the time I got back to the hotel I looked for the song on iTunes.

I listened to the snippet again.

Wait a second.   I know this song.  I own this song!

This song is on the City Of Angels Soundtrack; that awful Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage movie from 1998.

But the version I just heard on the radio was a remix and even better than the original.

So when I was picking the song to play with the photos of my trip I knew I had to use Paula Cole's Feelin' Love (Psychemagik Reem Mix).


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just A Climb To The Top Of Diamond Head . . .

I started today off at Bogart's Cafe & Espresso Bar which I found recommended in that trusty Blue Book.

Bogart's had me when I looked up the menu online and saw the "Crab and Avacado Omlette."

The Blue Book also said "Nobody can beat their roasted potatoes."

This was another place with a healthy line that never diminished.  The parking lot is tiny and the seating space inside is minimal but I was able to secure both of those items with ease.

I wasn't going to order coffee, but then I saw the flavor they were offering was called "S'mores!"

"Can I get that as an "Ice" coffee?" I asked.

The cashier said yes.   

"I'll take it!"

The coffee tasted exactly like S'mores, but I think it would have been better hot.

The Crab and Avacado Omlette was the lightest fluffiest Omlette I think I have ever had. 

The potatoes were just "OK."

One thing to note if you go to Bogart's is that they are cash only.

After leaving Bogart's it was a short drive to Diamond Head State Monument.

There is a small parking lot on the Crater floor that costs five dollars.  I think I arrived at a very popular time as the lot was full and I was turned away.  

Since I wasn't sure how strenuous the actual hike would be; especially under the mid day sun; I opted not to park outside of Diamond Head and hike back in.

I drove around the mountain to kill some time and then attempted to park in the Crater again.  This time they let me wait till a space opened up.

The hike to the top is .8 miles one way or 560 feet up.  While climbing to the top you traverse uneven steep terrain, go through tunnels, and assend multiple stairwells.

It amazed me to see some park visitors attempting this climb in flip flops, bare feet, dragging a baby stroller, and my personal favorite, wearing jeans and cowboy boots!

When you finish the hike; conveniently located in the parking lot is a food truck selling shaved ice.

Yes please I deserve this!

The night before, when I was hanging with my friend Claire, she stopped for dinner at Teddy's Burgers.  As you may recall I had already enjoyed my first Udon experience so I did not eat anything at Teddy's. 

That being said, her burger looked amazing and I had a major case of burger envy!

When I found that Teddy's was listed in the Blue Book, I had to go back and try a Teddy Burger of my own for dinner.

Any restaurant that has the side option of "Tots" is A+ in my book.

For the record, the burger was as good as it looked the night before.

After Teddy's I swung by Shirokiya.  A sort of Japanese Department Store that has a food court.

I had seen these Kulu Kulu Honolulu Mini Waffle bears that I wanted to try.

They come filled with jellies, chocolate or custard.

How cute and convenient are these little bear treats?

Gotta love it!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just One Meal To The Next . . .

Today was one of those days that seemed to be all about where is my next meal coming from?

I started the day off at Wailana Coffee House; which apparently based on the sign doubles as a cocktail lounge at night.  

Wailana Coffee House is straight up state of the art if the year was 1960.  From the faux dark brown wood paneling to the orange brick interior facade to the speckled green Formica counter tops.  You can't help but look around and think that this was a happening place back in the day.

I was intrigued by an item on the menu called the Pancake Sandwich, but when I placed my order the waitress told me I should just get the "All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast" instead because it was more food and cheaper.  Apparently she sized me up and knew I was president of the Chub Club.  I asked if it would still come like a sandwich and she said, "No, it all comes separate but you can put it together yourself  if you really want to."

I took it as is.

I forgot how much I really enjoy Coconut Pancake Syrup.  Except for the fact that the syrup was the same color as the plate and  I couldn't tell where to dip my pancakes.  #RealProblems

After breakfast I walked to the Ala Moana shopping center where

this happened.  It was only a matter of time right?

And since I was there I might as well check the signage on the camisoles.  Good job Ala Moana, your signs were compliant.

Next up on the food adventure was Marukame Udon.  This was another recommendation by my co-worker.  Believe it or not, I have never ordered udon before.  

Marukame is organized cafeteria style where you pick up your noodles then your tempura and drink.  It must be good because the line to get in stretched down the block.  The line moved very quickly and I started to get a little stressed out because I realized I had no idea how to order udon or how to pronounce the different udon offerings.  

I didn't want to repeat the embarrassing meal a few years back when I ordered Pho for the first time.  I didn't know you were supposed to mix all the ingredients in the bowl and I ate them all separate as a packed restaurant watched with equal parts shock, wonder and awe at this fool who didn't know any better.

I pulled out my smart phone and started googling the menu items so that I could understand what they were.  I decided that Kake Udon was probably the simplest and safest bet for me.  It was basically plain noodles in broth.

Here is Yum Yum preparing the noodles.  (Hand to God her name tag said Yum Yum which I took as a good sign for my first udon experience.)

The udon was good, but I have nothing really to compare it to.  What I enjoyed even more was the tempura.  I had sweet potato and pumpkin.  They were delicious.

While walking back to the hotel I stumbled upon Waikiki's equivalent of LA's Olvera Street.  A long aisle of narrow carts selling Hawaiian trinkets that are probably made in China.

Later in the evening I met up with my friend Claire who lives on the Island.  She took me to Bubbies.

Bubbies is a Mochi Ice Cream shop and it was HEAVEN!  

Once again there was a line to get in, but it was worth it!  

I got four mochi.  Green Tea, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Honeydew and Chocolate Dipped Raspberry.

My mouth is drooling just thinking about those last two.

Thanks Claire for taking me to Bubbies!  So good!