Sunday, March 8, 2009

Strike . . .

On Friday afternoon my co-workers and I went bowling at the "historic" Presidio bowling alley. 

Seriously, this was the smallest bowling alley I have ever seen.  However, when you put it in the perspective that this was the bowling alley for an old military base, I guess it was perfect for its original purpose.

I haven't been bowling in years and was excited and nervous at the same time.  Nervous because I haven't bowled since developing the beginning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.  I wasn't sure if the movement would aggravate my wrists.  I was excited because I happen to be an amazing Wii bowler.  I pretty much can bowl a strike or a spare every time on the Wii.

Well guess what?  Skills on the Wii do not translate to skills on the lane in real life.  In fact I was suddenly an expert at throwing consistent gutter balls.  I really wanted to join the kids on the other side of the alley who had the bumpers up.  No such luck.  

Despite my poor performance, which I am totally blaming on the antibiotics I have been taking, a good time was had by all.

* For the record, that is not me bowling in the top photo.  It's my director Larry.

The Song Of The Day - Strike It Up by Black Box


  1. as long as you figure out how to bowl on the wii, which doesnt take long, you should get strikes every time on the WII! but not in real life!


  2. It is nice to know that mom can beat both of us, combined.