Monday, October 19, 2009

Cool On Your Island . . .

This past weekend was the Third Annual Treasure Island Music Festival. The two day event featured 26 performers from around the world. My friend Shagun and I attended Saturday.

Treasure Island is a man made island in the San Francisco Bay and it was closed to regular vehicle traffic over the weekend. In order to get to the festival ticket holders had to board shuttle buses at AT&T Park. Despite the extremely large crowd, the event planners kept the lines moving fairly quickly.

Once in line I was tempted to sell my ticket because people were offering to pay double the face value of the tickets for this sold out event.

Once on the island, we were able to wander through the "Treasure Chest" of food and merchandise booths. There was also a midway, ferris wheel, and several interactive attractions.

Everything at the event had a "pirate" theme.

The above photos are from the Pirate Photo Booth.

I really only wanted to go to the festival to see one of the twenty six acts. I wanted to see The Streets. The Streets is a rapper from England. I first heard his music on the play list when I worked for American Eagle. His raps were not only catchy because of his Birmingham accent, but also his knack for rhyme.

The Streets did not disappoint. He even jumped into the crowd at the end and crowd surfed.

Throughout the festival there were roaming stilt walkers, hula hoopers, and double dutch jump ropers.

The crowd was pretty young and most of them looked like they had just come from shopping at an American Apparel clothing store.

All in all it was a good day and a good show.

I am glad that Shagun and I did not stay till the end of the event because apparently that efficient shuttle bus system was not so efficient at the end of the day. One of my co-workers said they waited in line for three hours to catch a bus back to the city!


  1. o goodie, i wanted to know how the music festival had gone
    o goodie, i am glad the streets did not disappoint
    o goodie, i am glad you started home early
    thanks for the info
    love, mom

  2. The Streets must have sounded like Ozzy if he is from Birmingham. Can't really imagine a rapper with that accent.


    ps changed jobs recently and am now an exec with Kohl's.