Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop, Hammer Time . . .

It's a bird!  

It's a plane! 

No!  It's a giant pair of MC Hammer pants.

Yes, that's right, in an effort to promote the new television show Hammertime on A&E, a plane flew over the city on Sunday with a giant pair of MC Hammer's gold parachute pants!

Nothing says 1990 like a pair of Hammer pants!  That is a fashion trend I am sure we all hope will never come back.  

I just have to say, "Stop, Hammertime!"

The Song Of The Day - U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer


  1. thats really funny! especially the pants since they are a type that no one really actually likes

  2. And this is why my Halloween costume was in ode of Hammer.

  3. well i am sorry the pants are so unpopular. when i heard you talking to dad about them, i thot you had boughten a pair.
    well i wonder who watched the show?
    love, mom

  4. We were just having a discussion about those colorful cotton pants. I forgot they were called parachute pants! Thanks for the fashion refresher!
    you loving godmother who is once again trying to comment on your blog sight!#@$!!!,

  5. It worked!! My comment worked!!
    P.S. New blog please so now I can jove I think I've got it!!