Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Downtown Lights . . .

Why do I love December in the City?

Because of the holiday lights and decorations.

Even thought they are the same decorations every year, I still get excited the first chilly night when I see the Embarcadero Center lit up.

Some of you may remember the above picture. I liked the giant red Christmas tree ornaments so much I used the image as my Christmas card one year. I still have this picture posted on my refrigerator.

Even the Bay Bridge looks more festive in December.

Finally, there are the Market Street snowflake lights. This picture does not do them justice.

Happy Holidays in the City by the Bay!

The Song Of The Day - Downtown Lights by Annie Lennox


  1. I pink puffy heart Christmastime in the City. Warm and fuzzy, even when it's cold and chilly.

  2. yes, how can you walk through the city and not enjoy the holiday decorations and lights? very nice. it does help to make this a festive and joyous time of the year.
    love, mom