Sunday, November 22, 2009

They Have Seen The Beauty . . .

For three weeks I have been trying to avoid posting an entry about my drive along the Road To Hana.

The Road To Hana is about the journey; not the destination. This is because there really isn't anything in the actual town of Hana. But the journey is filled with beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches, trees, and bridges. Lots of bridges. All one lane.

It is recommended to start the trip to Hana by 8am. That will allow you time to get there and to turn around to go back.

I had purchased a CD called "Maui's Premiere Musical Adventure, Hana Audio Tour." The instructions said to pop the CD in when you get to the Big K (Kmart) on the corner of Hana Highway. The CD features two locals who talk you through the three hour journey to Hana. The CD was great because it also contained songs by many local Maui musicians.

I highly suggest that if you take the Road To Hana while using an audio CD; listen to the CD once before starting your trip. That way you will not spend time skipping back tracks trying to make sure you had made the right turn.

So I have been avoiding this post because I took about 200 photos along the Road To Hana.

Yes, I did leave at eight in the morning.

Yes, its true, I didn't get back to the hotel until close to seven at night.

Yes, I was completely exhausted by the end of the day.

But it was quite a beautiful adventure and there was no way I was going to be able to narrow down those 200 photos to just five or six to post on this blog. That would just not do the trip justice.

So I am trying something new. I picked the 84 of what I consider the best photos and I created a slide show to share with you the Loyal Readers. The video makes the photos a little blurry but I think you will still get the beauty of the trip.

Please enjoy The Road To Hana.


  1. Wow Jon that was Beautiful! Mike and I took the road to Hana and as we neared the last bit of drive to get to the pools at the end, the road was closed for repaving which meant no access for the last miles! There was no sign or warning or posting at the begining of the road. However all we saw was beautiful. I will return to your blog everytime I need a few minutes of peace and rest. Very cool.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. loved it - thanks for sharing. i think my fave pic of you is when you have the camera up high and you're looking up. just in case you were wondering what my fave pic of you was....

  3. yes thank you just jon. i just finished watching your video again, very peaceful and relaxing both the pictures and the music. we have had some long days for grandma; all has gone very well. the house is quiet right now. you have left and brian and amy are out visiting friends. to watch that video right now was beautiful for my heart and soul.
    love and take care