Sunday, July 31, 2011

Las Vegas . . .

I spent a few days away from foggy San Francisco this past week in the 100 degree heat of Las Vegas with the parents.

We stayed at The Venetian and I must say the suites were the most thought out detailed hotel rooms I have ever seen.

While in Vegas I took in the new Celine Dion show and Blue Man Group.

If you saw Celine's last Vegas show, this is completely different.  This is Celine with a 31 piece orchestra.  There are no Cirque Du Soleil style theatrics; just the woman and her voice.

A couple highlights are the first third of the show when she sings some of her oldest hits and then later in the show when she does a tribute to Michael Jackson.

As for Blue Man Group, there really aren't words to describe the experience that is Blue Man Group.  You just have to experience that one on your own.

The Song Of The Day - Leaving Las Vegas by Sheryl Crow

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  1. wasn't the blue man group great, jon? i know you loved them! between the blue man group and the pawn shop as seen on tv, dad and i were quite happy. ah, good times!