Sunday, July 17, 2011

Running . . .

Classify this story as another "Only In San Francisco" moment.

When former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom left office in January to assume his new duties as Lt. Governor the city needed to select an interim Mayor to finish out his term.

In the first "Only In San Francisco" moment of this story - The Board of Supervisors UNANIMOUSLY voted for City Administrator Edwin M. Lee to be the Mayor.   Yes, that's right, UNANIMOUSLY!

There is only one problem; Ed doesn't really want the job and so far is not planning on running for re-election this coming November.

So what is a City to do when the person who is actually doing a good job leading doesn't want to continue leading?

Start a grass roots effort to convince him to run for re-election; that's what!

Enter the "Run Ed Run" campaign which is showing up everywhere in the City.

San Franciscans can sign the Run Ed Run petition at the above linked website.

Whether the campaign works or not, Ed Lee should feel pretty good that he has this much support in the City.

The Song Of The Day - Running Up That Hill by Placebo

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