Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Wine And Crackers . . .

Saturday was the 32nd Annual Black Cuisine Festival in Bayview which featured three stages of jazz, soul, blues, and gospel music.   There were also vendors selling soul food, artwork, and jewelry.

I had spent the first part of Saturday doing some projects for work and as the weather was spectacular I allowed myself to take a brief break to go check out the festival that was only a block away.  I convinced myself that I would be back to work within an hour.

Well once I made it to the festival I ran into a couple of my neighbors who with very little twisting of my arm convinced me to join them for a bite to eat.

We took the food back to our complex where we uncorked some wine and eight hours later I realized I had never made it back to my spreadsheet. 

Photo by Eric

Best fifteen minute break ever!

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  1. good for you! sounds friendly and i hope it was yummy.