Sunday, July 13, 2008

Uh Oh, Don't Let Go. . .

It's been awhile since I have blogged about the 30x and last Friday I had the distinct pleasure of riding the bus pressed against the front window.

And because I am always thinking about you my readers I wanted to share this picture I took as I held onto the fare box for dear life.  The black vertical line in the middle of the picture is the windshield wiper.

I want to talk about a pet peeve of mine about the 30x.  There are signs all over the interior of the bus that say "Move To The Back."  That basically means that you should always be aware of who is on the bus and if the back of the bus is empty you should move towards the back to allow more people to get on.

Because the Marina folk who ride the 30x are likely to know a fellow passenger they like to sit next to each other and talk.  So if the bus is thinning out of passengers at the back, 30x riders are not going to "break" their click up to allow more people on at the front.  In fact the Marina folk can be downright rude pretending not to hear you kindly ask to them to move back.  That is the great thing about the iPod generation, you can just pretend you didn't hear someone.  When in fact you heard everything they said.  

Another thing 30x riders are guilty of is not leaning in to allow you to pass them in the aisle of the bus so that you can at least move back for them if they choose not to.  And God knows they will not bend down and move their gym bag or brief case to allow you more room.

I bring this up because even though the bus let off lots of passengers after the second stop in the Financial District on Friday morning, the front passengers did not move back which meant I had to stay squished against the window for four more stops.  


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