Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Way Out On The Ocean. . .

Modern world met old world in San Francisco today as a parade of tall ships passed under the Bay Bridge.

The ships were here to take part in the Festival Of Sail from July 23 through July 28.  

The view of these "pirate" ships was a welcome distraction from my fourth floor cubical.  

Later in the afternoon when the ships had come back to dock, I looked out the window and realized there were people hanging from the cross bars of the masts rolling up the sails.  This can be seen in the picture below.  Pretty amazing.


  1. I have now seen the tall ships at three different spots on the West Coast. They just left Bellingham, made their way to No Cal and by early August, they should be in the Nard, where Sean had many battles with them!

    Brudder B

  2. i love that song of the day, blanket for a sail. i too knew the tall ships were coming to the nard in early august, and i was thinking of sean.

  3. Such beautiful pictures. You are a great photographer.


  4. excuse me, since you are such a great photographer, has phyllis seen your picture of the run away cable car? i bet she'd be impressed with that one.

    love me

  5. Love the picture of the ship sailing under the bridge! Did you actually take that with your iPhone?