Monday, November 17, 2008

Croc 'n Rockin . . .

Alright loyal readers, I have heard the message loud and clear! 

 "Why aren't there any new blogs?" 

 "It's been 15 days since your last post!"  

"Is everything OK?"

"Every time I open up your blog its still Madonna!"

Ummm...of course it's still Madonna.  Come on now, those pictures were pretty amazing.  They deserved to be up there for 15 days, right?

All kidding aside, I was pretty tired and needed a break.  A lot has happened in the last 15 days. 

We elected a new president.  

Wildfires are back.   

And...drum roll please...

My "Our Lady Of The Valley" group on Facebook is up to 18 members!  

But I digress.  

What's wrong with the above picture?

Yes, not only do I own Crocs, but I wear them in public.  And if you live in the Marina District of San Francisco that is fashion faux pas numero uno!

The second issue with this picture is that it is mid November and it has been in the high 70s for several days straight and will continue to be that high for the rest of the week.  

So yes that's right, I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt without a jacket!  I swear the weather isn't this nice in the summertime here.  

On Sunday I threw on my Crocs and headed down to the laundry mat which was where I quickly remembered that Crocs are a no no in the Marina.  Every person that walked into that laundry mat did a double take when they saw my Crocs.  I will admit that I have been intimidated by the "Marina Croc Haters" in the past.  So much so that I rarely wear them.  But last night I stood proud as I "Gap" folded my laundry while wearing my Crocs!  They may be ugly but they sure are comfortable.

The Song Of The Day - Crocodile Rock by Elton John


  1. very funny just jon, you make me smile. and i too think madonna deserves to stay up for 15 days. can't get better than that occasion, two madonna concerts. i like the photo, and hurray for the olv facebook members.
    mariners are just jealous of your crocs with no holes.
    and good for your gap folding, see how useful your training has been.
    love mom

  2. you are soo lucky! its been in the low 40's lately and i am freezing! warm weather come here! please come here!!!
    crocs are comfortable, but i dont know if i would wear them in public.
    madonna, fifteen days..hmm...ok!
    we did elect a new president! hes gonna get a new puppy with his two daughters which is totally awsome! just think, potty-training a new puppy in the white house! hahaha...

  3. o my goodness meg, you make gramma, laugh
    yes potty training in the white house. good luck.
    love gramma