Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Writing's On The Wall . . .

Giving new meaning to the phrase "The Writing's On The Wall," I share with you these pictures from a public restroom I had the pleasure of visiting on Sunday.

My friend Shagun and I had planned to go to brunch on Sunday.  We had neglected to discuss where we wanted to go to eat.  After my last brunch choice of Greens, which started off poorly I really didn't think Shagun was going to let me have a say in where we ate.

To my surprise she asked for suggestions.  

I had a major craving for Belgium Waffles with strawberries and whip cream.  So I suggested a local chain in the Bay Area called Squat And Gobble Cafe And Crepery.  I have eaten at Squat And Gobble several times and have always enjoyed my meal.  I have even taken my parents there.

Usually I go to the location in the Marina, but since I know Shagun has a disdain for making the 30 minute bus ride to the Marina I suggested we meet in the middle and go to the Squat And Gobble located in The Haight.

If you are not familiar with The Haight I will describe it as the Three H's:

and Hashish

So I had totally forgotten that the restroom in The Haight's Squat And Gobble was "decorated" by the locals.  The rest of the restaurant is clean and neat and resembles all the other locations with the exception of this one room.  

The food was great as always.  

And the best part of going to the Squat And Gobble in The Haight?   Shoe shopping afterwards. The Haight has tons of great shoe stores!


  1. Any mention of the supreme album that is DC's "Writing's on the Wall" deserves an A+ in my book. Kudos to you!

  2. ah yes shoe shopping in the haight, i remember it well with just jon. he is a shopper, and has also been to every gap he can possibly reach (and i even went to some for him in hawaii. now who does that on an hawaiian vacation? we do for just jon, cuz we know he would want us to check them out.)
    squat and gobble, good stuff
    love, mom

  3. you should write a book just jon. i love squat and gobble, it was the first brunchery i ate at in this city when i first moved here. their soy almond lattes are delicious.

  4. i'm not sure if i like the idea of grafidi(did i spell it right?) all over my walls...