Monday, February 16, 2009

All Good Things . . .

Loyal Readers, Just Jon is going to be temporarilly dormant.

Read that to mean either my neighbor moved away or they figured out I
was enjoying the use of their high speed Internet without permission.

I knew at some point my free ride was going to an end, and it was good
while it lasted.

The Song Of The Day - All Good Things by Nelly Furtado


  1. You can't go away. Sean and I check this site everyday. It's 'check email', 'read' (or, and check 'just jon'. We hope you are back soon! Miss ya!

  2. what, just jon? you must get this taken care of immediately. you can't leave your readers like this. we need your communication; for you to inform us and to life our spirits. this is a sad day. please take care of yourself and this problem.
    love mom

  3. Oh no!!! I hope you are up and running again soon!

  4. Ya want our wireless remote password??