Monday, February 9, 2009

Walk On By . . .

I am not sure what has come over me, especially since it is winter, but on Friday and Monday I walked home from work!

Friday I totally cancelled out the exercise by stopping at In-N-Out and Cold Stone before actually making it home.  

The total distance from work to home is about 2.7 miles.  The trick is to find a route that involves the least amount of hills.

I checked out Google's recommended walking route and was pleasantly surprised to see that they suggested the same path that I took on Friday.  Straight up Columbus Ave to In-N-Out...I mean home.

Monday I made the journey with two of my co-workers and they opted to skip the Columbus Ave "Flat" route and cut "Up" Union Street.  "Up" being the choice word in that sentence because Union Street is very steep and I was definitely out of breath by the time we crested the top of the hill.  

I stopped to take the above picture with my cell phone which did not do the view to the bottom of the hill justice.  Also, I didn't want to get run over by the car that was coming which is why the shot is a little blurry.  You can kind of make out the moon in the upper left with the Bay Bridge just below it.

Without stopping at In-N-Out the journey takes about an hour.  And here is the real kicker.  If I rode the bus home it would take about 40 minutes.

The Song Of The Day - Walking by Pocket Size


  1. thanks just jon, walking is good. get off that muni or out of that car and walk. good for the heart and soul. you probably need them both right now, am thinking about you and all that you must have to think about. know what you mean about those hills, would be going the flat route myself, minus the in-and-out.
    thanks for the article and keep taking care.
    love mom

  2. i think its great you are walking! its goog for you body and the environment(you know, not using gasoline which means no air pollution!!)


  3. I'm proud of you! I live about a mile from work and yet I drive every day. I always think I should walk, but I have to be there at 8:30am and am usually heading out the door at 8:27am. Plus, I'd be one of those people that would be walking in tennis shoes with my fancy work clothes on.