Sunday, February 1, 2009

Straight Ahead One Direction . . .

I wanted to share with the loyal readers another one of my favorite signs.  This sign is located outside my office and informs pedestrians to use the crosswalk.  

The only problem is no one really pays attention to the sign.

Our company operates out of several buildings in the bay area.  And since most of us learned in grammar school that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, people opt to jaywalk.  (See photo below.)

I often think drivers must hate when our entire office has a meeting in the building a block away and six floors worth of people start meandering through the middle of the intersection with the mentality that because there are so many of us for sure the traffic will yield to us pedestrians who are breaking the law.

The citation for jaywalking in San Francisco is allegedly $130.00.  Rumor has it that employees of my company have been cited for illegally crossing the street which is why the sign was put in place.

Even though I have observed that people who actually use the crosswalk seem to arrive at the meeting within seconds of me, it hasn't convinced me that I should give up the straight line approach.

The Song Of The Day - Straight Ahead by Tube and Berger


  1. One must hope that SFPD never unleashes the full force of the 'parking police' on the pedestrians.


  2. i think its safer to walk through the sidewalk, but still, its shorter and faster.
    but then again its illegal...


  3. Did i tell you i once got a $10 jaywalking ticket when i was 14yrs old? My dad dropped me across the street from school one morning and i crossed the street illegally. to make it worse as i finsihed crossing, the police in the car started flashing his lights and over the loudspeaker said 'young lady that just jaywalked, please approach the police car' He proceed to give me a lecture, $10 ticket, i cried, and the all the kids watching made fun of me. Good times.