Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ain't It Funny . . .

Once again I was overcome with the giggles in church today.

An older couple that usually sits behind me had their grandchildren with them this morning.

The little boy was very fidgety and spent the entire mass talking and playing with his toy car.

Nonno's blood pressure seemed to be rising as he kept trying to quiet the little boy while Nonna stole the occasional kiss from her angels.

When Nonno went to fulfill his "usher" duties the little boy called out, "Where's Nonno going?"

He watched Nonno collect the offertory and place the collection basket against a statue in the back to the church.

"Nonno, what are you giving that statue?" he called out.

Then we reached the point of the consecration when the priest turns the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

As the priest drank from the chalice the little boy said to Nonna, "What is he drinking?"

I couldn't wait to hear the answer to this question.

I watched as Nonna paused for a moment thinking about what she was going to say.

Then she whispered, "Blood."

The little boy, who was approximately four years old, furrowed his brow and wrinkled his forehead with concern.

"Blood?" he said in a not so quiet voice.

"What kind of blood?"

It was then that my shoulders started to shake as I held my breath trying not to laugh out loud.

See how much I learned in church today?

Priests drink blood and always give the offertory to the statues!

The Song Of The Day - Ain't It Funny by Jennifer Lopez


  1. haha! that is funny! maybe it was O postive...


  2. I want to comment but I'm LOLing so hard my sides hurt!!!!