Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hangin' Tough . . .

Sunday was a spectacular Spring day in the City.

A day for being outdoors. A day to take in the sights. A day you could get away with wearing shorts and maybe just a light sweatshirt and not be cold.

So while some may have gone for a hike. I took in the sights of China town.

This is what I discovered . . .

You just need to look up to see a free show of "chonies" on display. Coat hangers dangle from window sills all along Stockton Street drying under garments in the breeze.

You will see it all! Granny Panties, Tighty Whities, Boxers and Boxer Briefs. No under garment is left out on this tour.


  1. I don't even need to go to China town for that, i can just look outside my living room window. Sometimes my neighbors even hang fish to dry...yes, next to their chonies. Doesn't seem sanitary does it.