Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Only In My Head . . .

The scene:

A weekday morning at 8 AM.

An empty double length articulated Muni bus pulls up to the second stop on the route.

There are five people waiting to board the bus.

You board the bus second and take a seat half way back next to the window. (You are the girl on the right in the above photo.)

The person behind you, whom you do not know, chooses the seat next to you. (This is the woman on left in the above photo.)

Below is the inner dialogue that plays out in your head:


The whole bus is empty! Why did you choose the seat right next to me?"

I know, I will slowly turn my head while giving you the evil eye and then let out a sigh.


Muni Etiquette -

Just like when choosing a stall in a public restroom; always pick the seat with the maximum number of empty buffer seats between you and the next passenger.

It's a common courtesy.

The Song Of The Day - In My Head by No Doubt


  1. maybe the girl on the left was trying to be nice?


  2. Restroom etiquette rules ALWAYS apply.


  3. Maybe she would rather sit next to you, who looked presentable, nice and neat than take the chance of having some weirdo get on at the next stop and sit next to her. I have ridden San Francisco buses...I would rather sit next to you than risk an unknown companion at the next stop!!!!

  4. sometimes, just jon, some people get sick sitting sideways on the muni. i am one of those, and if a seat facing forward is available, even if there are several other side facing seats, i'll go sit next to someone....although an empty bus is pushing it a bit.