Sunday, September 18, 2011

Downtown . . .

Do you see that?

TARGET is coming to the City!

Stop the press and shut the front door!

Currently San Franciscans have to drive outside of the City to go to Target so this is a BIG deal.

After getting past the initial excitement about the prospects of having a Target in the heart of downtown San Francisco; logic kicks in.

Let's think about this Loyal Readers...

  1. If you have ever been to a Target on a Saturday or Sunday in suburbia imagine what a lone Target in downtown San Francisco set to serve 800K people is going to be like at any given moment.   Prediction - Total $#!% show!
  2. Parking?  Not good.  Not free.
  3. Public Transit - I know when I go to Target I always leave with a LOT more than what I went in to buy.  If that consistent behavior continues at this new Target I am bound to reach the check stand and realize that I now must somehow get all this crap home.  Muni is crowded enough but the potential for mass Target plastic baggies to maneuver past on a crowded bus or train is highly likely.

A new Target downtown may relieve some of the chaos at the Target's outside of the City.  Therefore I think I will continue to drive to the Target in Colma where the parking is free and I can load up the car without worrying about using pubic transit.

The Song Of The Day - Downtown Lights by Annie Lennox