Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bouncing Off Of Clouds...

It's June in San Francisco and what does that mean?  The FOG is back in town!

Yes, despite the fact that several days this week the temperature reached the high seventies low eighties, by the evening we were blanketed by fog.

It really is an amazing thing to watch the fog roll in over the Golden Gate Bridge.  This picture does not do it justice.  It looks like a washing machine over flowing with the "suds" creeping over the bridge then crawling across the bay towards Alcatraz island and beyond.

And with the onset of the fog comes the deep bellowing sound of the fog horn.


Every fifteen seconds or so. 

Not all parts of the city can hear the fog horn.  I guess I am "lucky" I get to hear it.  Actually, in all honesty, I do like it now.  However, when I first moved here I remember having the windows open and lying awake at night thinking "Oh my God, what have I done?"

I tried to record the fog horn the other night so that I could post it here on the blog.  Unfortunately, by the time I got the idea to record it, the intensity had died down and it didn't capture the craziness of the song and dance between the ships horns calling to each other.

Hopefully I will be able to do that in the future as we are just beginning FOG season here in the Bay!

Song Of The Day - Bouncing Off Clouds (Clyde)  by Tori Amos

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