Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uh Ooh. . .

O M G it was H O T the past two days in the City!  

Swear to God it has been over 80 degrees for two days and this town is not prepared for that.  

Apartments don't have air conditioning and public transit is not a pleasant experience as the temperature rises.

Sure Friday was a "Spare The Air" day where all public transit is free.  But do we really want more riders crowding on the buses when everyone is all sweaty and gross?

Last night I thought I would try and cool down by opening all the windows in my apartment but the still air outside brought no relief for the misery.

Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley I have all but lost any ability to tolerate temps above 75.  Sad I know, but there was a reason I chose to live in a beach community for most of my adult life.

I don't like being hot.  I would rather be cold.  When you are cold you can at least put on a jacket.  When you are hot, there isn't much you can do.

So after a long day at work on Friday, an even longer ride home on the cramped hot bus, I was greeted by the note shown here in my apartment building's lobby. (Click On Image To Enlarge)

It says that the elevator was stuck on the 5th floor and that I would have to walk up the six flights of stairs to get to my apartment.  Not exactly how I wanted to be greeted as I arrived home.

Maybe this was a sign from God that tubby here needed a little bit of exercise!  

At least by Saturday evening the heat had broken and it was cooler in the City!

*At the suggestion of one of my blog readers I will be attempting to make "The Song Of The Day" a link to the iTunes Store.  That way you can hear clips of this music and also purchase the song if you so desire.

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