Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here I Go Again. . .

You have probably heard the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."  Well, I seem to keep being fooled.

The bronze statue shown to the left is located on Spear Street between Howard and Folsom.  It is in a small courtyard next to one of my company's buildings.  

I walk past this statue everyday.  Usually twice a day.  And yet EVERY time I have to do a double take.  

At eight thirty in the morning, "Oh, what is that man taking a picture of?"  At six o'clock at night, "What's that guy taking a picture of?"  

Even I thought by now I would have stopped doing a double take.  

The best part is that it is a bronze statue.  It's not like it has on multiple colors of clothing or that it's skin tone is differentiated from its hair color.  It's basically all one color.

So I have come to accept that I am going to stop every day and turn and look at this statue and wonder "What is he taking a picture of?"

Song of the day - Beautiful by Me'shell Ndegeocello

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  1. Oh my god! you are hilarious! The thing that makes your blog so funny is that I DO THE SAME EXACT THING! There is a statue by the 2 folsom building...the statue of the couple on the bench, and I always think its really 2 people just sitting there. After 4 years, I still have not learned.