Friday, April 3, 2009

Defying Gravity . . .

Last night I went and saw the musical Wicked.   It was fantastic.  The play puts a whole new spin on everything you thought you knew about the Wizard Of Oz.

The cast included Patty Duke and David Garrison.  Patty Duke needs no introduction and she was great.  

David Garrison is best known as "Steve Rhoades" from Married With Children.

Patty and David were the "big" name stars in the production, I however was more excited that the cast also included DeeDee Magno Hall who was on The New Mickey Mouse Club (pre-Britney, Justin, Christina.  Post Annette.)  

DeeDee later went on to perform in a pop group called "The Party."  I happen to have all four of The Party's CD's and DeeDee was my favorite member.  So I was very happy to get to see her sing live.

Big thanks to An who organized the outing several months ago!


  1. wow... that is so cool! was it a good show?!


  2. My daughter says "WICKED" is her favorite Broadway show. She has "Defying Gravity" on her myspace page. personally I loved "SPAM" on Broadway.

  3. Michelle and I have tickets in May. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. o wow patty duke and garrison and dee dee, great!! sounds good.
    love, mom