Friday, April 24, 2009

You Know The Night Time, Is The Right Time . . .

Loyal Readers, a few weeks ago I told you about the newly opened California Academy Of Sciences located in Golden Gate Park.  The Academy features a planetarium, rainforest, aquarium and much more. 

Recently The Academy also started a program called "Nightlife" from 6pm to 10pm on Thursdays.  

The Academy charges a small admission fee, and in addition to the normal exhibits, it offers music, cash bars and food.  The event is the current hot ticket in town and sells out each week. I kid you not when I say that the line to get in was down the block.  There were more people there for "Nightlife" than when I went on a Saturday a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to think I will never make inside the actual planetarium show. This is because once again all the elusive passes had already been given out by the time my friends and I entered the building.

This did not stop us from enjoying a trip through the rainforest, a visit to the coral reef, an attempt to see the African penguins, and a viewing of the albino alligator.

That being said, all those things could not compare to what we saw next.  A very rare creature indeed. Spotted in its natural habitat was the "White Person."  Intoxicated by the consumption of alcohol, the "White Person" began to demonstrate it's rare mating dance to woo the female of the species.  Fortunately for you Loyal Readers, I was able to document this dance on film.

(I am not sure why the video uploaded on it's side, but you get the general idea of the amazing creature that is the "White Person.")


  1. Come on! Who gets drunk at a science museum?!

  2. Not only did we not get into the planetarium show but you never showed me the bar!!!!!


  3. hummmmm, very interesting. which exhibit was that species, white person, in. i do not recall seeing that one. everybody else gets to see all the good exhibits, and all we got to see was dissecting a gopher in the lab (which we had to turn our eyes away from, ugh gross). lucky you and your friends. maybe the planetarium next time, third times the charm.
    love, mom

  4. I love the video (too bad I had to move my head to the side). I just wish I could have been there to witness the creature in its natural habitat.

  5. For fear of attack from the white people dancing, we couldn't get too close or make eye contact.

    Yeah me, I took the picture of the butterfly.

  6. that is freakin' hilarious

  7. I think I like the ladies little "hop" at the end the best. It's like she gets this sudden little burst of energy.

    And Marie- That is what makes it even funnier, that it IS a science museum. There were people there dressed like they were in the most exclusive club in SF. The Rico Suave guys and the "OMG I think you are about to expose yourself" girls.

    I actually said "Come on!" to my friend when I looked over at this one guy. My thought was "who are you trying to impress at the science museum?"

    It was amazing!

  8. Um, Nightlife is awesome! I got drunk. Sadly, I did not dance. (Although I'm sure that Ryan is probably happy about this)

    Most importantly, HOW are you so good at capturing this on film? I am the worst stalker ever.