Friday, April 3, 2009

Make Someone Happy . . .

This week I got an early birthday surprise when a package arrived at work from my mom.  

Now for those of you who are not aware, my mom has periodically sent me packages of cookies ever since I moved to San Francisco.  Every time I have received a package of cookies I always share them with my co-workers.  Since I don't receive packages that often, now whenever any one sees the delivery guy come to my desk my coworkers ask immediately, "Did your mom send cookies?"

Suffice it to say my mom is pretty popular with the 4th floor. 

So when the package arrived this week, I almost didn't open it at work.  I knew my birthday was in a few days and I just assumed it might be a present and not food.  Plus, it felt heavier than the typical cookie package.

But before I knew it a crowd had formed around my desk.  And I realized they weren't going away.  They wanted me to open the package.

To everyones delight it was a giant heart shaped cookie.  Also included was a knife, napkins, and candles.

So it was immediately decided that we would have an impromptu early birthday celebration!

I would like to thank my coworker, Reiko who used my camera for what I thought was going to be pictures for the blog but actually was the short video of the event.

There are a couple of background points to know about the video.  

  • There was debate as to whether or not the candles were trick candles.  So you hear Branden ask if "Carol is a trickster?"  I said, "She can be."  Because there have been trick candles on my cake in the past.
  • Some of you may remember the blog entry dedicated to my coworker, Jan.  In the clip Jan mentions how my mom loves her because she sent special cookies for her one time because she doesn't like chocolate.

Thank you mom for sending the giant cookie that we enjoyed at work for the next three days!

Thank you to my coworkers who sang for me, to earn their share of the cookie. 

On a side note, special thanks to my boss Elizabeth who made yummy cupcakes on Friday...which meant everyone had to sing for me again.  

This year was the birthday that just kept on giving!


  1. Aww, your mama loves you!!! Happy Birthday!!

  2. aww, yes your mama does love you; and it made my heart very happy when i opened up your blog this morning to see your celebration and my cookie to you (sorry jan). thank you just jon, and have a wonderful beautiful day.
    love from us on you day
    mom xxoo

  3. sorry, i am back. i just figured out how to work the video. i loved it jon and o yes i want jan in it smiling. well i enjoyed your celebration jon. so come on all of just jon blog fans, lets all say a big happy birthday to jon.
    love mom

  4. I had to smile and blink when I saw that you had selected a Jimmy Durante song. Jimmy Durante was one of you your grandfather John Casey's favorites.



  5. happy birthday uncle jon! was the cookie-cake yummieful? grandma is a really good baker, so i bet it was! have a happy birthday!


  6. Happy Birthday from NY!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Love the video but I gotta know, who was the person coming in the room, trying to crash the party? They weren't there to sing to you so no cookie for them!