Friday, September 11, 2009

Pigeons . . .

I have new neighbors.

Sort of.

I don't like them.


They are noisy.

Not exaggerating.

Like most apartments in San Francisco, my building was designed where the bathroom windows open up to a central atrium. The atrium has an opening at the the roof level. See photo above.

After three years of living here, at some point during the last month several pigeons figured out how to get into the atrium from the roof.

The pigeons are my new neighbors, and we are not friends.

Look at the death stare he is giving me in the above photo for trying to shoo him away.

You may have won round one Pigeons; but the battle is just beginning.

The Song Of The Day - Sally's Pigeons by Cyndi Lauper


  1. yes i see that evil eye of his. good luck with the battle.
    love mom

  2. Before you declare war you better make sure Hizzoner Newsom doesn't have them protected as the offical bird of San Francisco!!!!!!!


  3. Dont give Newsom anymore great ideas Uncle Anthony but you got that just about right. HA Mike would happily ship our cats to you Jon to throw out your window. Well maybe you will just have to name them.

  4. ...pigions???....well why dont you get a cat! i bet the cat would make good friends with the pigions, maybe. unless he wanted to eat them...