Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Get A Double Shot . . .

Before Starbucks took over the world, the first specialty coffee drink I ever had was purchased from a little store called Gloria Jean's on the bottom floor of the Topanga Plaza Shopping Center. And it was good.

Gloria Jean's eventually closed when it could not keep up with the big business coffee companies like Starbucks.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when I was shopping at an out of the way mall in San Rafael, California. There in front of me was a Gloria Jean's!

Even though I didn't need a coffee, I had one anyway for old time's sake.

And it was good!

The Song Of The Day - American Life by Madonna


  1. the good, but smaller in name, stores/resturaunts things seem to never be in the city you live in...


  2. Michelle received a single serving Coffee Maker for Christmas and guess what company makes individual packets for that specific coffee maker? That's right - Gloria Jean. And don't forget their location at the ol' 250 - La Cumbre Plaza!!!