Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Feel So Moved . . .

I was not sure why I took my camera with me to church this morning.

After mass, instead of going home, I started walking in the other direction. As I strolled up the hills of Pacific Heights I began snapping pictures of the beautifully manicured flower beds in front of magnificent homes.

I kept walking through the gates of the Presidio where I happened upon Lucas Film.

On I went until I eventually ended up on the other side of Golden Gate Bridge. The slide show above captures my journey.

You will notice the last frame in the slide show is the bus arriving. I was very happy I didn't have to walk all the way home!

And now, several hours later I am wishing I had put sun screen on before leaving the apartment this morning.


  1. So I have to ask - what did you wear to church? If I wanted to go for a walk after church, I would have to go home and change first. And then I'd probably change my mind about going for that walk.
    Awesome pictures - looks like you had a fun day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jon,
    Your video clip just verified why you and Jacqueline love that city so much! What an awesome day you had. What an incredible walk!! Glad you had a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  3. Shorts and a t-shirt...the weather didn't require the standard San Francisco layers.

  4. Do you all know the official color of the bridge? Or what the Half-Way-To-Hell Club is?

  5. It sounds like someone has some facts they have learned about the bridge. Please share!

  6. i was going to suggest to just jon to go to huell howser and california's gold. i bet huell knows.