Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monkey . . .

Gray sky. Rain. Cold.

That has been the description of the Bay Area this week.

So what better way to chase the winter melancholy away than to just reflect back on this past weekend when the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

My friend Shagun and I enjoyed the day by going to the San Francisco Zoo.

The San Francisco Zoo is probably most famous for the Tiger that escaped its pen a couple of years ago and killed a park guest. From the looks of the Tiger exhibit now they have definitely reinforced the cage.

For a major metropolitan city like San Francisco I was a little surprised by the Zoo. It was not spectacular. For example, in the pachyderm area, the only elephant I could find was a bronze statue.

Here's Shagun striking a pose in front of the fountain.

One nice feature was the peacocks that roamed the grounds freely.

My favorite part of the whole zoo was the gorilla exhibit. Not only was there a huge silver back but also a little baby gorilla named Hasani.

Hasani is being raised by a surrogate mother because his birth mother, who was a first time mom, did not provide proper care.

And if you are having a bad day, just watch this video of Hasani doing somersaults and it will make you smile!

The Song Of The Day - Monkey by George Michael

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  1. Hasani is so cute! i love the zoo! too bad the closest one to us is in Canada...