Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whatever You Like . . .

I was so fortunate to be able to spend a couple hours with my niece Megan and Sister in Law Amy on Friday afternoon.

Megan and Amy were on a whirlwind four day class field trip to the Bay Area.

I met Megan and Amy on their "dinner break" Friday at the Stanford Mall.

We even got some power shopping done at The G. A. P!

The Song Of The Day - Whatever You Like by Anya Marina


  1. love it! you and megan look great in that picture!
    love, mom

  2. HI Amy and Megan!!!! What fun to see you on Jon's Blog. Jon, your blog always makes my day especially when I get to see family shots. Hi Brian and Sean! Enjoy your "guy" time together.
    Love to all,

  3. You all should know that Jon went way out of his way just to see Meg and I for only 2 hours. Thanks Jon! And, I am absolutely positive my mother in law was referring to how great Meg and I looked - not only our JUST JON!

    Hi Joanne!!!

  4. ooooo! is the mother in law in trouble again? i thought i stated what i wanted to; or should i say, my bad! of course how could i neglect to comment on my beautiful amy there with my favorite granddaughter meg? how nice of you to notice amy. i thought i snuck that one in.
    and btw, i noticed my beautiful niece, joanne, did not say, hi! to me. we are a tough group.
    i was really just so happy jon made the connection.
    love and have a good day, family!

  5. haha yup! definitely a whirlwind in four days. hi cousin joanne and grandma carol!
    it was so much fun to spend a couple hours with you uncle just jon! thanks again for the clothes and the great time! i had sooo much fun :D