Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grab A Hold . . .

I recently spotted the above sticker on the roof of a Muni Train.

Yes, it accomplishes its goal of providing a safety warning to passengers so that they will not get hurt in the automatic doors.

However, I think it would be much funnier printed on the back of a Hooters waitress' t-shirt; or just on a t-shirt in general.

Who knows...this may be coming to the Just Jon Junk store 2011.

The Song Of The Day - Grab A Hold by Cyndi Lauper


  1. i'm sure theres a market for it!

  2. you bet there's a market! sounds good to me. i missed my chance to be president of the just jon fan club. i felt sure there was some position for the creator of just jon, but nobody voted for me. so i want to be sure and get in on this t-shirt deal. i will keep checking the just jon store.
    love, mom

  3. Mom Casey,

    Although Mary and I share the title of president at Just Jon, we will still report all matters to you. You are the CEO, after all...


  4. o thank you erin! you know how to warm a mother's heart.
    love, mom casey