Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Lose It . . .

Seriously this City has lost it's shiz over the Giants winning the World Series.

We had already changed the lighting on city landmarks like the Ferry Building, Coit Tower, and City Hall to be Giants Orange when our hometown heroes made it into the World Series.

But now that they won...

Sweet Holy Moly!

It has already been three hours of horn honking, people cheering, fireworks blazing, streets overtaken, and buses commandeered.  All that and our boys are not even here; they are still in Texas!

If it is this nuts now, I can't wait to see what Wednesday's Parade down Market Street will bring!

This just might make the Pride Parade and Love Fest look like a church picnic.

Every man woman and child for themselves!

The Song Of The Day - Just Lose It By Eminem


  1. Will you be at the parade? Seems all businesses will be closed in honor of the Giants.....

  2. Congrats are in order after 50 plus years. So here's to the organization of Marichal's bat on Roseboro's head, the watered down base paths, the fogged in games and the wind blowing the pitcher off the mound.


  3. ...don't forget the "battery chuckers" and the group that booed Joe Montana.

    Congrats to you, your city and your team.