Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make It Happen . . .

This post is for my beloved old hood in Southern California.

Just South of where I lived in Ventura CA was McGrath State Beach.  McGrath is one of many State Beaches and Parks scheduled for closure due to budgetary cutbacks.  (At McGrath funding is needed to repair an aging sewage line.)

Well, you can help possibly keep McGrath open by voting in the Coca-Cola Live Positively Favorite Park Contest.   The winning park will receive a grant for up to $100,000!

Now you might be asking yourself, "Why is Just Jon asking us to vote for a Park in Southern California when the Park just down the street from him is also stated for closure?"

Great question Loyal Readers!

The reason I am asking you to vote for McGrath is because it is currently ranked #6 on the Coca-Cola Leader Board and the park by my home is so far from the top there is little chance for it to win.  So I want to throw my support to my friends and family who have enjoyed McGrath State Beach over the years.

Follow the below link to cast your vote for McGrath State Beach:

The Song Of The Day - Make It Happen by Mariah Carey


  1. The park has been granted a 2 week reprieve while various sources are scrambling for $$$$. I read about this Coke thing maybe 2 weeks ago. I just voted from your BLOG. You didn't mention the camping trips in the tent trailer, always an interesting time in the late afternoon when the winds would pick up and lift the flaps on the pull outs.


  2. are you at home?

  3. You've got to take me on this hike?