Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally . . .

"Lomito" Saltado

Limon Rotisserie has finally opened its newest location in the Bayview District!

Limon is a family style restaurant that specializes in Peruvian inspired dishes.

The restaurant is most famous for their Pollo a la Brasa - a savory free range chicken slowly roasted over an open flame.  (A dish I have yet to try.)

Over the last week I have sampled several plates from the Limon kitchen.  I started with Lomito Saltado - a traditional Peruvian dish of stir-fried top sirloin strips, onions, tomatoes and soy sauce served over french fries.

This dish was quite tasty.  I enjoyed the onions and fries smothered in soy sauce.

Next I tried the Carne and Pollo Empanadas.

The Carne comes with hand cut top sirloin, sweated in onions, and finished with hard boiled eggs and raisins.  The Pollo has shredded roasted chicken in a red sauce, hard boiled eggs, olives and caipers.  I definitely recommend getting the Pollo over the Carne.  The Empanadas also come with a tasty dipping sauce.

Next, I had the Carne a la Parrilla - grilled hanger steak over tacu-tacu, salsa criolla & red wine-beef sauce.  The steak was perfectly seasoned and melted in my mouth.  The tacu-tacu, though visually unappealing, was a pleasant surprise of bean and grain deliciousness.  I highly recommend you give it a try.

Last but not least, the Sangria.  Chilled and served with diced fruit; it was the perfect accompaniment to my meal.

Limon - welcome to the neighborhood!

The Song Of The Day - Finally (Vandalism Remix) by Ce Ce Peniston (not available on iTunes)


  1. Between Fresh and Easy and now Limon we may never have to leave the complex. All of the dishes sound outstanding!!!!


  2. My In-laws would be so happy! It's very hard finding Peruvian restaurants in any city, I'm glad you have one nearby.
    When I first started dating Yvo I thought it was strange to have rice and french fries in teh same meal but in a strange way it works. You also need to try a Pisco Sour sometime. A lot like a margarita but not as sweet and not frozen

  3. Update - tried the chicken. It IS as good as everyone says!

    Chandra - I will definitely try the Pisco Sour. And yes, when they offered me rice, I said, "Doesn't it come with French Fries?" The waiter just looked at me and said, "I'll just bring you the rice."