Thursday, December 1, 2011

On My Pillow . . .

Loyal Readers may recall on my recent trip to New York I went to Mood fabric store which was made famous on the TV show Project Runway. 

I purchased some fabric while at Mood that I thought I would use to make some pillows.

While visiting my parents for Thanksgiving my Mom and I attempted to make the pillows with a little help from someone who was eager to lend a paw to the cause.

The finished product turned out great!

The Song Of The Day - Pray For Spanish Eyes by Madonna 


  1. hi latte! i see you were added to the sweatshop crew. (i mean literally sweat, mom had a temp of 100). but with jon's brain still functioning, he was able to guide and lead us to turning out two beautiful pillows. thanks jon. we enjoyed the project.
    love, mom

  2. Your Mom is soooo CUTE!!!!

  3. LATTE is demanding MORE 'treats' since sewing has been added to his work load of getting the mail.


  4. from the looks of these pictures, it seems like Mrs. C and Latte did all the work ;)