Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just An Example Of Why Spell Check Was Invented . . .

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Did you know that the "first true spelling checker program" was invented in 1971 by Ralph Gorin called SPELL?

Thank God Mr. Gorin created SPELL so that a poor speller like myself could obtain a degree in Journalism and write this little dog and pony show I like to call Just Jon.

My problem now is that sometimes I spell the word right, I just use the wrong word for the context of the sentence.  That's what I like to call "Real Problems Of The College Educated."

Anyway, I recently discovered that a restaurant I used to frequent in my old neighborhood had closed.  Chilayo specialized in "farm to table" Mexican food.

The owners were kind enough to post a goodbye note at the entrance of the restaurant.  Bless their heart but this is a prime example of the need to hit that little "ABC" button before printing and posting your document.

So for your enjoyment please read the "spanglish" goodbye note from the owners of Chilayo.

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  1. and the problem is.....? i can imagine how long it took these people to compose this note. i'm hoping they are better chefs and farmers than english writers. i think my spanish is probably as good as their english. but how nice they are looking forward to seeing you soon at one of their other locations. it has been way way too long since i have used the written word and i cannot remember any spelling or grammar. it is a frustrating embarrassment. thank goodness for spellcheck on computers!
    love, mom