Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Hunters Point Shipyard Artists . . .

Another weekend another open art studios event.  This time the event was located in Hunters Point and put on by the Hunters Point Shipyard Artists.  The event was very well organized with street signage, parking guides, maps, and free food and drink!

Hunters Point is the nation's largest fine arts community and this weekend 300 artists opened up their studios to the public.

The event was so great and so big I went both days just to see it all.

Robin Denevan

Kristine Mays

Kristine Mays not only had breathtaking wire sculpture work she had the most charming personality.

Ed Handelman

Flowers captured on the walk between buildings

Dominique Caron
I fell in love with this piece by Dominique Caron.  Maybe one day one of her pieces will be on my wall.

(If you are a Hunters Point Shipyard Artist who needs to be credited for your work in the above post please leave a comment.)


  1. hi jon, can you please explain the items right after the toni morrison quote. they look so interesting. what are they? xoxo

  2. That artist worked with wax I believe ( you can sort of see some of his work on the wall in the background. ) I think these are the saddles that he uses when working with the wax. I could be totally making that up, but that is what my guess was.

    1. o, well, i happen to like the saddles. i thot they were the art work. with my eyes, i couldn't tell if it was some kind of stitchery or what. i liked them. i did get out the magnifying glass now. so with my magnifying glasses and the magnifying glass i can see the wax. still like the saddles. thanks jon. xoxo