Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Poquito . . .

Last night I tried out Poquito in San Francisco's Dogpatch district.  Poquito specializes in Latin American Tapas and Cocktails.

Poquito has a nice size bar visible from the street and a loft dining area in the back of the restaurant.

When ordering off Poquito's menu it is recommended to order small plates style and share with your dinner companions.

My friend An and I opted to not follow the waiters recommendation and we ordered off the "Plates" portion of the menu and then through in a side order of Chorizo Sliders for good measure.

The Chorizo Sliders are chorizo and beef burgers on a sweet roll with gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions.  The sliders were quite tasty but I think the sweet roll was a bit overpowering in  flavor and the whole sandwich would benefit from being served on a regular bun.

For my main course I chose the Churrasco.  Churrasco is grilled beef with a fried egg on a bed of rice, sweet plantains and spinach salad.  I really enjoyed the spinach salad and the egg and rice combination was a nice touch.  The beef was very tender and the portion was filling.

For dessert we ended up trying two different types of Empanadas because the first set brought to us was not the flavor we had ordered.  The first batch were Empanadas de Aire - a sugar crusted cheese empanada that is both salty and sweet.  The second batch were Empanadas de Aire con guayaba.  These sugar crusted empanadas had a guava filling.  I surprisingly liked the first batch better which is funny because that was not the one we ordered.

I also tried a specialty cocktail that was supposed to taste like pumpkin pie.  The cocktail was sweet which I like, but I tasted more of the spice than the pumpkin flavor that I was hoping to get.

Poquito was positive experience and I look forward to my next visit.

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  1. I think I'll order the plate that you had. It sure looks like a plate full.

    Just dad