Sunday, October 12, 2008

Burning . . .

Tonight a wild fire broke out on Angel Island in the San Francisco bay.  Angel Island is the largest island in the Bay at 740 acres.  The fire was first reported at 9 PM.

From my apartment the flames are clearly visible on this rapidly growing fire.

According to the 10:00 local news, fire fighters and fire trucks were being ferried over to the island which only has one fire truck permanently stationed there.  

As of 10:30 PM, in addition to the flames, I can also see the flashing lights of the fire trucks.

At least there are not tremendously strong winds on the Bay this evening.

The Song Of The Day - Burning Up (Interface Mix) by Madonna Tribute


  1. oh, how terrible! that's like when catalina burns having to ferry over the fire trucks for aide. how bad did it get? the poor island.
    thanx for sharing
    love, mom

  2. those are some really cool pictures. id be freaking out, but thats me. how is it now?

  3. The fire is under control now Megan. Thanks for asking. The smoke was making me cough in the morning. But it is much better now. =)