Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Push Things Forward . . .

This is "Burberry Coat Girl."

I do not know her name.  I have never spoken to her.  However, I have often talked to co-workers about her after a treacherous ride on the 30x to work.

I named her "Burberry Coat Girl" because she always wears this black Burberry Coat.

As I have shared in the past, my bus stop is the last stop in the Marina before heading into the Financial District.  That means that the buses are usually full by the time they reach my stop and often the buses won't even stop.  If the bus does stop to let some poor soul off, all of us who have been waiting on the corner will push our way through the back door and try to squeeze in.  The only thing I can compare this to is when people try to see how many individuals they can fit in a phone booth.

So I have been watching "Burberry Coat Girl" with amazement for almost two years now.  

I, along with everyone else, may stand on the corner for up to 30 minutes trying to get on the bus.  

Not "Burberry Coat Girl!"

Every day she walks up to the corner carrying two large bags, one on each shoulder.  Her hair is still wet from the morning shower.  With her iPod Shuffle ear buds in place she has no reason to acknowledge anyone else.  And as the bus pulls up she steps in front of everyone who has been waiting in the cold for 30 minutes and pushes her way on the bus.  Every day!  

There was only one day when I HAD to get on the next bus in order to not be late for a meeting at work that I actually blocked her from cutting in front of me.  

So kudos "Burberry Coat Girl!"  You don't wait out in the cold like the rest of us.  You always get on the bus.  And someday, I hope to be as skilled and aggressive as you!


  1. too funny!

    But I really want to know what's in those bags...and why 2? If you could get to working on that I would greatly appreciate it!

    I can't remember my identity on here, so I'm anonymous today.

  2. Have you thought of teaming up to form a blocking line for the bus????

  3. Classic.

    I just want to know if you waved bye just to rub it in.


  4. Anonymous #1 -

    Most women in SF have two bags. Bag #2 is for gym clothes and yoga mat.

    Tony -

    How do you think I got this picture of "Burberry Coat Girl"? I always position myself near her because I know she is going to clear a path onto that bus!

    Anonymous # 2 (Jamie) -

    I blocked her from cutting in front of me, she still got on the bus...because she IS "Burberry Coat Girl!"

  5. haha! thats kinda funny! good job for blocking her once! and you do have the courage to do it again!