Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ring The Alarm . . .

Life is about choices.  Everything you do in life is a choice.  You can choose to be mad about something.  You can choose to laugh about it.  You can choose to cry about it.  But the end result of your personal happiness is directly correlated to the choice you made.

So the above picture is the annual notice my apartment manager sends to all tenants at the beginning of November.  It reviews the Annual Rent Board Fee which is due as a separate check the first week of December, Disaster Preparedness, Mold And Mildew information, how to use the Steam Heat, and the responsibility of the renters to test and change the batteries in their Smoke Detectors. 

As this is the third year that I have received this letter I immediately filed it away and ignored it.

So last night at 4am when my Smoke Detector started beeping every fifteen seconds due to a dead battery, the only person I had to blame was myself!

The best part is it took me about fifteen minutes to figure out how to get the battery out.  My apologies to the downstairs neighbor who may have been woken up by the battery eventually flying across the room with a grand thud onto the hardwood floor.

The Song Of The Day - Ring The Alarm by Beyonce


  1. Our detector is hard wired, no battery. It has gone off twice without benefit of smoke thank God. Both times it was an errant spider or some insect that got in the middle of the electrical connection. The fix? Take it down, blow several times into the mechanism then reinstall. But, never at 4AM.


  2. hey jon funny posts - i love the booty sweat. i haven't noticed that before, so one more nasty thing to notice on those great 30x rides. you should check on this rent board thing - we only charge it once when tenants move out - just a heads up. :)

  3. wow! and i thought that maisy was noisy! she wakes up every hour or two, but never 15 minutes!