Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swing With Me. . .

This week my father and I went to the driving range.  Being the avid golfer that I am (I took Golf in college...impressed aren't you?) check out my amazing form above!

My clubs are an old set that belonged to my brother and have taken up permanent residency in the trunk of my car.  That might be because I am too lazy to carry them up to my apartment and I am not sure if I even have room in my closet to store them.  My golf bag, which is a lovely shade of red, belonged to my late Uncle Brad who passed away in the 70's.  So needless to say my equipment is "vintage."

The last time I went to the driving range was about three years ago when I still lived in Ventura.  That was the infamous outing in Carpinteria when I realized I was hitting balls with Oprah Winfrey's boyfriend Stedman Grahman.  We shared a moment.

As I said earlier, I am an amazing golfer.  This is evidenced in the above picture that shows the black marks that my ball made when it would go careening into the wall immediately after connecting with my club.  At least I connected with the ball, right?

Here's Dad taking a swing at it!


  1. Loyal Readers: I had not had the opportunity to play or hit balls with Jon for a loooong time. After he got loose, he started hitting some beautiful 9 iron shots. Straight, good height and good distance. And, after we split the large bucket he asked to split a 1/2 bucket. And, he was not the only one who bounced a few off the wall.


  2. hope you had fun!


  3. So "Dad",
    I have to know how you feel about Grissom leaving Vegas and his C.S.I. team in a few weeks....

  4. Nice bag...I forgot that you had the bag still. It's good to know the clubs are still usefull. YOur form could use some work...normally I would tell you to seek professional help, but dad's swing looks good. Maybe his torn meniscus is a good thing. Remember, keep your head down and be the ball.