Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Little Bit More. . .

Taking advantage of the first day of a three day weekend, my friend Shamoli and I headed out to Kenwood, CA's Kunde Estate Winery and Vineyard to enjoy some wine tasting.

Not only were we going to enjoy a very rare 70 degree January day in beautiful wine country, but I was also going to get to see some friends.  Loyal Readers may recall Erin and Sean from the Hawaii blogs who happen to work at the winery.

Kenwood is a little over an hour north of San Francisco.  Shamoli and I arrived shortly before noon and were treated to a special tasting arranged by Erin that included six wines, cheese, crackers and truffles.

In the midst of our tasting we also had the opportunity to go on a Cave Tour.  The Caves (See photo above) are where all the wine barrels are stored.

In the above photo Shamoli and I are enjoying one of the wines we sampled.

After making some purchases at the winery we drove over to Sean and Erin's new house for a tour.   Sean is busy remodeling the kitchen and I look forward to seeing all the exciting changes he and Erin have in store for their new home.  By the way, if you are ever at the house be sure to check out the Miami Dolphin laundry room!

Rounding out the day Shamoli and I stopped off at the Petaluma Outlets for some retail therapy and economy stimulation.  

All in all a good day!

The Song Of The Day - A Little Bit More by Jamie Lidell


  1. wow what a nice day you had on a beautiful day, with beautiful people. lucky everyone.
    i am happy for erin and sean and their new home, how exciting.
    keep taking care
    love, mom

  2. Erin and Sean are terrific hosts. I have fond memories of our visit to Kunde and how well they treated us. They even threw in a drive by visit to a 'brand new calf'.

    Jon's Dad

  3. Hi Jon,
    We're so glad you enjoyed your day! You know you are welcome anytime. And thanks for the Dolphin laundry room shout-out. It made Sean's day. See you soon!
    Love us

  4. hi Erin,
    thanks again for the nice treat on saturday, it was great! can't wait until barrel tasting weekend!

  5. Why was I not invited on this adventure?!