Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Junk . . .

It doesn't get any cheesier than this!   Now you can own your very own piece of Just Jon Junk!

Loyal Readers can publicly declare their love of Just Jon with the Just Jon Java Jug or the Just Jon Junk Rectangle Magnet, both available now at the Just Jon Store!

I Swear!  I am not kidding about this.  Just ask one of the six Loyal Readers who signed up on this blog to be a "Follower."  As a token of my appreciation they were all rewarded with Just Jon Java Jugs of their own.  

Now you can be just like them!

(Tracy - I have one waiting for you, because I am sure you totally want my face on a coffee mug! But I don't have your address.) 


  1. i got one! they are awesome!


  2. we got one too! we love them!

  3. can't wait to get mine!

  4. * No friends or relatives were paid for their endorsement of this product...LOL

  5. OMG - that is friggin' awesome! I just realized that I never replied to your request for my address! D-oh! I will FB you a message in just a bit. I love it! It will brighten my day every morning as I sip tea from a mug with your mug on it!!! :)